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Together Time with Music

Together Time with Music

MusicOne of the many wonderful ways to bond with young children is to create an environment that is hands-on in several different ways. The best way a child can learn is by combining action with creativity and one way for parents to help create that environment is with music.

Purchase Instruments

There are several play instruments available for purchase that are great for encouraging child creativity. Some of the best options are drums, maracas, xylophones, horns or guitars. Something that the kids can beat or strum is always the most fun. Often, toy instruments will be sold in sets. Parents can also find toddler toys used but still in good condition from parents who have growing children.

Make Instruments


Another way to offer musical instruments to the kids it to make them from scratch. Good examples are putting dried beans in between two plates and tapping them together to create a tambourine, placing beads inside plastic bottles to make maracas, stretching rubber bands across an empty tissue box to make a guitar or using pots, pans and wooden spoons for drums.

Start a Band

Once all the kids have their own instrument, start a family band. Have everyone line up and march around the house pretending to be a school marching band or set everyone up in the living room so they can have a rock concert. Make it even more fun for the kids by recording the entire thing or take pictures and have the kids autograph their photo to send to grandparents or other family members.

The More the Merrier

Make it a real party by inviting friends over for the kids to play with. Have each childUntitled bring their own instrument or have an instrument craft party. Once all the kids and their friends have an instrument, have all the parents help line their kids on the sidewalk and perform a concert up and down the streets of the neighborhood. Parents can also have all the kids dress up in fun clothing, complete with a snazzy hook-and-loop toddler belt.

Future Stars

Interacting with music is a great way to help the kids with sensory development as well as listening skills. Another benefit is, if children are involved with music and instruments early on, they are more likely to be interested in playing real instruments as they get older. Playing music, or even singing, can be a great way for children to get involved socially and develop skills that can lead to future interests.

Make It a Family Event

The best thing that can come from playing music with the kids is family involvement. Children need activities where they see that their parents are involved in what they are doing. They also need to know that their parents care about spending real time with them while doing something that they enjoy. Music is a great outlet for that and a great way to spend time together as a family.

Whether it is rock, hip hop or the blues, get the family together, pass out the guitars and start the music!

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