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Time for Outerwear

Time for Outerwear

Fall Winter


Look Before You Leap


The main thing parents have to be aware of when it comes to fall is what the day's weather looks like. Keep an eye on the weather in order to decide what outerwear is best for the kids. There are several phone apps that can alert individuals of what the weather is going to be prior to the day. Once a parent finds out what the weather is going to look like, they can lay out the right outerwear for their children to put on the next day.


The Cool Fall Days

The best days during fall are the cool days. Those are the days when their is a chill in the air and sun in the sky. Kids usually need long pants and a light jacket that still guards against the chill. Denim jackets are a great way to go as well as other materials that are not too heavy but can still protect against the wind.

The Warm Fall Days

Sometimes official fall weather just refuses to make an appearance and individuals are left with warmth better suited for the beginning of summer. On those days, it is best to give the kids lighter jackets made of thin material. That way, if a breeze does start to o blow, they can have something that will cover them up without making them overly hot in the process. Another great option for warmer falls days are vests. While vests still provide some warmth and some fall-time style, they let in some air when the sun is just a little too warm.


The Cold Fall Days


The last days of fall include colder chills in the air and frosted cars in the morning. This is when light winter coats come into play. They should not be the heavy coats worn in the middle of a snowstorm, but they should be heavier than just a regular jacket. The kids should be bundled up enough that they are guarded against the cold but not so much that they start sweating underneath all the layers.


Fall-Time Shopping


In order to be prepared for the changing weather, parents should provide their child with a couple of thin jackets, some lighter jackets that guard against the wind and at least one light coat that will keep the kids warm on chillier days. Another thing to keep in mind is fall-time accessories. Keep a few scarves on hand for chilly days as well as hats. Knit hats and scarves can be used on colder days while scarves made of lighter material can be used on warmer days. Lastly, purchase a couple hook-and-loop toddler belts to add a finishing touch on fall-time outfits.

Whether it is a cold fall or a warm fall, outerwear for the kids is essential, so get ready and get shopping!

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