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Teaching Your Toddler To Care For Their Clothes

Teaching Your Toddler To Care For Their Clothes

Haushalthilfe Wäsche waschenThe ability to properly care for personal possessions is something that can be started at a young age. If children are trained to clean up after themselves when they are still young, then those habits will follow them throughout their life. A great way for parents to start creating these habits is teaching your toddler to care for their clothes.


Folding Lessons


Clothing scattered across the floors, hanging from the windows and wadded into beds are presently seen in children’s rooms across the country. To help a child create good skills for putting away their laundry, start giving them some interactive folding lessons. A great way to help them out at first is to use a piece of cardboard as a guide to where they should fold. Folding clothes is never very fun so try to make a game out of it to keep younger children’s attention.


The Hang Game


A great way for parents to teach their children how to start hanging up their clothing is to introduce them to “The Hang Game.” Buy some small hangers and show them how to hang articles of clothing on the hangers by themselves. Make a race out of it so whoever hangs up the most clothes first wins a special treat. Also, create a special rack for children to hang up toddler belts or hats and teach them the importance of putting away smaller items, like their belts, which can easily be damaged.


Everything in Its Place


Children need to understand that everything has its place. A great way to start proper put up habits is to take a picture of each item and then tape that picture on the shelf, closet or drawer that it should be placed. Create a matching game from the pictures and challenge the child to have everything in the correct place before starting or ending the day. One of the best ways to make putting things away fun for the kids is to sing “The Clean Up Song,” because if they love music and playing games, then it is sure to brighten up their clean up time.


Little boy helps her mother to hang up your toy and socksProper Care


Teach children to take proper care of their clothes by developing an idea in their mind that clothes are personal objects that need to be treated kindly. Teach them how to help with the laundry, put away clean clothing and keep accessories off the floor. Caring for accessories, such as toddler belts, is extremely important as those are more likely to break or tear. Try to make the child understand that their items are not bullet proof. If a child loses breaks or rips a clothing item, do not replace it. Instead, make a lesson on what taking care of possessions really means.


Cleaning has never been kid’s favorite thing to do. However, not being able to find anything has never been their favorite either. Start habits with children early on to eliminate the problem before it starts.

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