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Beltz for Girlz: Stylish Options for Our D-Ring Belts

Thursday, March 27th, 2014
D-ring belts for girlsIt’s already pretty fun to imagine and create sweet outfits for little girls. Instill in your daughter a sense of fashion early by having some fun with outfits and toddler accessories for girls that will make both you and her excited to go out and meet up with friends and family. With spring approaching, here are a few ideas for adorable outfits that still have some warmer pieces as winter transitions into spring. A belt can help tie an outfit together – both for you and for your daughter. Adapt these ideas to her wardrobe, or pick up a few new pieces that suit your taste.

Lovely Lace

Lace dresses are on trend right now, and they are oh-so adorable on little girls. Available in a variety of colors, they are a fantastic foundation to our D-Ring belts. If you want a classic look, pair a lace dress with our Brown D-Ring Belt, and add a sweater in a spring color, such as light blue, pink, or green. If you’d like to do something a little more edgy in toddler girls’ belts, our Hip Leopard D-Ring Belt is an adorable fashion statement that would add a bit of interest to a lace dress.

Spring Jumpsuit

D-ring belt for girlsJumpsuits are a great spring option, because they can be short without the danger of your little girl lifting her skirt too much in public. They are a step above most two-piece outfits, but still casual enough for her to run and play. Choose an adorable, stylish print such as blue, purple, or red gingham, or a popular but versatile color such as chambray. Toddler belts for girls are a great addition on a jumpsuit, giving it a needed finishing touch. Our Khaki D-Ring Belt is a nice neutral to go with a printed jumpsuit.

Tailored Jacket

Tailored jackets work on both boys and girls, and belts for kids are a great finishing touch. For girls, choose jackets with a lot of personality, in beautiful prints, or made out of fun colors. Any of our D-Ring belts would work well with a tailored jacket, and they’re easy to take off and put on. Tailored jackets are adorable with tutu-style skirts and sparkly shoes for a whimsical look, or pants, dress shoes, and a sweet hat for a more classic look.
What stylist options have you created with our d-ring belts?

Pillowcase Dress: Oh-so Cute and Easy Children’s Dress

Monday, March 24th, 2014
Pillowcase DressYour linen closet may already contain some great options for creating an adorable pillowcase dress for a young girl. It’s a great use for that random pillow case you have that doesn’t have a matching sheet set anymore, or for the fantastic vintage and handmade pillow cases passed down from your grandmother or found at a local antique store. Beautiful embroidery, bold colors, and interesting designs all make pillow case dresses as lovely as they are easy. Once you’ve made it, accessorize with toddler belts for girls to add some style and make the dress less blousy. Even if you haven’t had much experience with sewing, a pillowcase dress is a great project. You can sew it by hand – it’s just straight lines – but it will take a bit longer than sewing with a machine. Here are a few easy steps for creating a pillowcase dress:

Measuring and Cutting Your Dress

Choose a pillowcase you love, and measure it up against your child to ensure it’s the correct length. Measure your child from the top of her shoulder to the length of the hem you’d like, and add an inch, so you’ll have some extra fabric for sewing a loop at the top. You may want to add another half inch of length, because a toddler girls belt may pull the hemline up a little higher. The closed end of the pillowcase is the top of the dress, and the open end is the hemline. Once you have determined the length you need, mark it on the pillowcase, and cut off the excess at the top. Make sure you are cutting off the closed ends. You will be left with two open ends sewn together at the sides, like a fabric cylinder.

Cutting the Arm Holes

Pillowcase DressLay the fabric flat, with the seams at the sides. Smooth out any wrinkles, being sure the pillowcase is sharply folded at the side seams. If necessary, go over the sides with a hot iron. It’s important that the seams are exactly at the sides, so you can cut symmetrical arm holes. Fold the pillow case down the middle vertically, so the seam sides meet up. Use dressmakers chalk to mark a “J” shape toward the upper corner. It should be about 3.75” long and 1.5” wide for an 18-month-old to 2T, 6” long and 3” wide for an older child. Make sure seam sides are still even, and cut the “J out of all four layers of fabric. You are cutting both arm holes at once, to ensure they are symmetrical.


Finishing is simple – you just need to finish off the raw edges and add a ribbon closure at the top. First finish the armholes by folding the fabric over ½”, and place a piece of bias tape over the fold, on the inside of the dress. Sew the bias tape in place, clipping the excess when you get to the edge of the fabric. The bias tape will give the arm holds some durability and shape. Repeat for the other arm hole. When you finish with that, fold the top neckline of the dress and the back part under twice, at ½” for each fold. Sew the bottom edge of the fold, creating a tunnel for a ribbon to go through. String a ribbon through the tunnel at both the front and the back, and tie at the shoulders. Add your favorite toddler accessories for girls, including a belt, for a sweet little outfit.

Have you created a pillowcase dress before? If you have, please share below.

Dressing Your Toddler for the Spring Holidays

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014
Dressing Your ToddlerSpring is here, and it's time to pack away the snow pants and the boots until next season. Spring break is a good opportunity to take the kids shopping for some new fashions that will carry them through to the hot weather. Here are some tips about dressing your toddler for those special springtime holidays to keep your little fashionistas looking fabulous.


Easter marks the end of the Lenten season and is a celebrated event by Christians all over the globe. Many parents are fond of dressing their children in cute outfits and this is especially true for special occasions. Easter is no different. Parents love to make sure that their children are wearing their best Sunday dress.
The traditional Easter outfits are filled with greens and yellows. These colors work great on boys or girls.   Boys look great in rompers with little hats while little girls look nice in a sun dress that have the colors of the season. Additionally, adding an accessory such as a purse or toddler belt will complete the outfit.


Dress SuitPassover

Passover is usually right around kids' spring break time; the date varies from year to year as it's based on the Jewish/lunar calendar. The special traditions, meals featuring Passover recipes, and of course the Seder, all make Passover a fun holiday to celebrate.
Dressing your child in bright colors such as yellows and purples are great for this holiday. Little boys look their best in a tiny suit, tie and a boy belt while little girls look adorable in a more formal dress with a shawl or cardigan.

Dressing your toddler for this special occasion will create lasting memories and beautiful photographic mementos.

Spring Break

Spring break is a time of family fun and frolic. Children need clothing that is cool yet easy to jump and play in. Dressing your toddler in outfits that are great for walking down the boardwalk  or comfortable swimwear will keep everyone happy. Boys can wear madris pattern and board shorts while little girls can wear tank tops and skirts or swimwear with coverups.

Spring break is also the time for the family to hang out and relax together. The days of Spring Break can be easily filled with lounging in relaxing shorts and polo shirts for little boys while little girls can wear rompers and dresses all day long so that they look precious and feel comfortable.

When dressing your toddler for the holidays, remember that they can wear many of the same styles as adults. Kids simply have more freedom to wear brighter colors and patterns that make them look adorable all throughout the season.

For sure, every parent wants their children to look nice. Remember that when dressing your toddler, consider her comfort, your budget, her personal style and don't forget to pick the right accessories.

How do you like to spend time with your family over the Spring holidays?

Tips for Making Your Child’s Clothes Fit Better

Thursday, February 20th, 2014
Toddler Belt Makes Clothes Fit BetterYou have probably run into that moment when you are hurrying to get everyone dressed to make it somewhere on time. When you have kids, it is almost impossible to get anywhere on time and it always seems like you are constantly running late, even when you are not. Children can be hard to dress at times because clothes either seem to be too big or too small. One of the most frustrating things that can happen is when you find the perfect outfit and it is just too big for your toddler. Pants may seem to always fall off your son or daughter no matter the brand, size, or style. Some children have small waists and no matter what you do, you cannot find an ideal pair of jeans.

Toddler Belts

One way to help your child’s pants and even dresses fit better, is to use a belt. Toddler boys’ belts are perfect for looping inside their jeans to help hold them on tight. If you buy the appropriate sized belt, you will see a significant difference in the way clothes fit. You will never have to pass up another outfit that you want your child to have. Toddler girls’ belts are ideal for many different instances when they may have trouble wearing their clothes. These belts will help add a nice accent to their dresses, skirts, and even pants. It will help keep their outfit in place and also keep their bottoms on.

Sewing Hems

Another way to help make your child’s clothes fit better may mean having to have some of the outfits hemmed or sewn. This process will help the clothes fit better by shortening the extra fabric that may be making the pants or skirts too big at the waist. When you have the clothes hemmed or sewn, it is not a noticeable process so you never have to worry about stitching being visible or anything like that. You can then pair your child’s outfit with a cute accessory such as a belt to bring the whole outfit together.

Shortening Straps

Lastly, if your daughter loves wearing spaghetti strap shirts but they always seem to be too big, you should consider having the straps shortened. There are a couple of different ways to shorten them and doing so will allow your daughter to still wear her favorite combinations. She can then pair a belt with her jeans and it will be visible instead of being hidden by an extra-long shirt.

Your child will constantly grow out of their clothes and there are ways to also make your child’s clothes last longer. The proper fit is very hard to find when it comes to children and there will be many instances where you pass over something the two of you love because it is too big. Adding a belt to your child’s daily wear will help their pants fit better and also keep them on. In addition to better fitting clothes, your child’s wardrobe will increase and the belts will add a nice touch.

What ways have you found to deal with those in-between sizes?

Dress Up Your Child for Valentine’s Day

Friday, February 14th, 2014

Dress up with Toddler BeltWith Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you are probably looking for something cute for your son or daughter to wear. A toddler belt is a great addition to any outfit and it will also help break up outfits that are the same color. Kids love this holiday and they associate it with fun and also showing their appreciation for someone. Many schools celebrate Valentine’s Day and encourage students to participate by filling out cards and passing out candy. A great way for your child to get into the spirit of this holiday is by dressing for the occasion.

Dressing in red is a great way for your child to show that they are excited about the holiday. You can accessorize their outfit with a nicely decorated and matching toddler belt. Belts for kids come in a wide array of different colors and also styles to complete every type of dress. Whether you choose a plain belt or a colored belt, you and your child will love how the whole ensemble comes together.

A simple red or pink belt will pair nicely with jeans or black pants and a red or pink shirt. A colored toddler belt for a girl is ideal for valentine candyany occasion when you want to add a little flare to your child’s outfit. You can choose from a number of different colored belts that have decorative accents on them as well. If your child is wearing a one color outfit or two pieces that are the same color, you can easily divide the outfit by adding a belt. This belt will help draw the eyes in and will look fashionable.

When choosing a belt for your child, you will need to make sure that you know your child’s waist size. If you are unsure of what size they need to wear, the belt that you choose may be too big or too small. A belt that is too tight will be uncomfortable and a belt that is too big will constantly fall down or there may be too much belt left over.

Dressing for holiday occasions is fun and it is a great way to help get your child in the spirit. A cute colored toddler belt for Valentine’s Day will add simplicity and elegance to your child’s outfit at the same time. When you purchase  toddler belts for boys, consider whether or not the material is ideal for the outfit as well. A traditional leather belt is perfect for dressier occasions.

Let your child show off their trendy side this Valentine’s Day with a fashionable toddler belt.  If you love dressing your little one in cute outfits for Valentine's Day, then please click below to share the love...