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Summertime Clothing! The Top 5!

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

childrens summer clothesWhen it comes to growing toddlers, it is hard to just roll out the wardrobe from last summer and let the kids rock the hand-me-downs. Parents have to look for new clothes every season simply due to the fact that the kids do not fit in last years clothes. But, if shopping must be done, parents should have some fun with it. To get started, here are the five “toddler must haves” for this summer season.


Neon Wear


Neon colors have made a huge comeback in fashion over the past few years. This summer is no exception. Bright yellows, greens, purples, oranges, blues and pinks are popping up everywhere, especially on the kids. More often than not, neon colors are seen on casual t-shirts, tank tops or skirts rather than formal wear. Look for the bright colors and let the kids choose their favorites.


Bold Jumpers


summer childrens clothingNothing is cuter than a little girl in a summer jumper. This year, bold patterns and pictures are very popular. Big, brightly-colored flowers on a flowing skirt are beautiful choices. Faint sparkles are also popular among little princesses. Look for the bold choices with small extras that are classy but fun. Big bows that tie in the back, built in belts or flowers on the front. Choose light fabrics that are good for summer and designs that will make a little girl feel beautiful.


Summer Accessories


Summer is the season to accessorize. Let the kids have a little fun and choose plastic jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets or rings, sunglasses, backpacks or handbags. Useful summer accessories include baseball caps or sunhats, sandals and summertime-colored toddler belts. When looking for sandals, try and choose styles that will be comfortable while playing during the summer months. Also look for bright colors when it comes to both shoes and hook and loop toddler belts.

Outsmart Those Stains

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Stained ClothingBeing a toddler is a messy job and cleaning up after them is even messier. Eventually, every parent has to face the simple fact that their children's clothing is going to get messy. But they do not have to accept a stain on every article of clothing. There are several ways to prevent stained clothing without having to put the kids in a plastic bubble.


Provide Play Clothes


It will not always prevent stain-filled accidents, but it is a good idea for parents to invest in good, durable play clothes. If the kids are going into a situation where stains are more likely, such as playing outside or doing arts and crafts, having play clothes set aside can make a huge difference. This reduces the risk of nicer clothing items getting stained or ruined. Good play clothing options are durable jeans, plain t-shirts, sneakers and a good toddler belt.


Break Out the Bleach


White clothing is a mom's number one enemy. Bleach can whiten those clothing items and, often, remove stains. Parents should keep a close eye on the kids when it comes to bleach. Several kids have no problems, but sometimes bleach can cause allergic reactions within children. If it seems like it is irritating their skin or causing any other problems, do not use it. Another option in place of bleach is Baby Oxyclean.


Spray Before Washing


If a stain has found its way onto some of the kids clothing, make sure to take care of it before putting it in the washing machine. Using a good stain remover can help a lot when it comes to those tough stains. Sometimes a trip through the washing machine just is not enough. Spray the stain down with baby-safe stain remover and scrub it with an old brush. Often, that will take care of most problems.


Stained children clothingDo Not Dry Until They are Gone


If a clothing item has a stain, putting it into the dryer is the best way to make sure it stays there forever. After taking the clothes out of the washing machine, look at the area that has the stain to make sure it came out in the washing machine. If it is still there, try another round of stain remover and a second trip through the wash rather than putting it through the dryer.


Cold Water is Best


Warm or hot water often assists a stain with getting settled. Cold water is the best option for removing stains, especially when it comes to blood. Set the washing machine to cold or for really tough stains try to wash the clothing by hand with stain remover, soap and ice water. Using cold water also prevents the risk of any clothes shrinking in the wash.


Taking a few precautions on a stained clothing item is often all it takes to make the stain go away. But remember, stains are not the end of the world. If they no not come out, just use the clothing for paint clothes or play clothes.

One Less Thing to Worry About!

Monday, December 1st, 2014

Stress Mother Running Late with KidsMothers of young children can all agree that the list of things to worry about never really gets any shorter. Children running through the house, piles of laundry and mounds diapers getting bigger by the second are just the start to lengthy worry lists.


There is no need to keep adding to an already long list. Having to catch rambunctious children to pull up their sagging pants, or buying new clothes every couple of weeks because they just grow too fast, is something that can be easily avoided with a little preparation.


Proper Fit


Too many parents make the mistake of putting their children in clothing that is too big or too small. Tummies sticking out of shirts and pants falling down around ankles are not the best choices. It can be difficult to take toddlers shopping on every single trip, so make sure the clothing fits properly before taking a tag off of a newly bought item. This way, if they do not fit, they can be easily returned. Another way to keep clothing secure is to tuck in shirts and keep bottoms in place with a good infant or toddler belt.


Growing Up Fast


Young children tend to grow like weeds, which can be difficult in the clothing department. Instead of parents buying a lot of clothing items for one age group, just buy a few things, because the kids will probably be growing out of them within a month. Once a child grows out of their clothing, selling items to a second hand shop can bring a little extra cash to the wallet, or they can be donated, but it is wise for parents to cycle out clothing rather than keep it lying in dresser drawers for months.


Woman shopping in children's clothing store.Be Prepared


It would be overly stressful for a mother to have to go shopping every two weeks because her child is growing so fast. An easy way to avoid this is to buy clothing in advance. Instead of going shopping every couple of weeks, go shopping every couple of months and buy clothes for the weeks to come. If a child is six months old, go ahead and shop for eight month clothing. This way, mothers can feel prepared with new outfits even if they do not have time to go shopping. This can be done with shoes or hook and loop toddler belts as well. Remember to leave on the tags just in case they do not work out.


Be Realistic


When shopping for clothing in advance, be realistic about what kind of clothing is going to be used and what seasons they will be worn in. Do not buy sundresses for a future age group if it is going to be in January. Also, keep in mind what makes sense for each child. Do not buy overly frilly outfits that serve no purpose other than looking cute, because more than likely they will be worn one time at the most. Buy smart and purchase clothing that fits best with an active child.


Having the right clothing for the kids and feeling prepared for the inevitable “growing out” periods grants moms with one or two things to check off their worry list and gives them a little extra time to breathe.