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Beltz for Girlz: Stylish Options for Our D-Ring Belts

Thursday, March 27th, 2014
D-ring belts for girlsIt’s already pretty fun to imagine and create sweet outfits for little girls. Instill in your daughter a sense of fashion early by having some fun with outfits and toddler accessories for girls that will make both you and her excited to go out and meet up with friends and family. With spring approaching, here are a few ideas for adorable outfits that still have some warmer pieces as winter transitions into spring. A belt can help tie an outfit together – both for you and for your daughter. Adapt these ideas to her wardrobe, or pick up a few new pieces that suit your taste.

Lovely Lace

Lace dresses are on trend right now, and they are oh-so adorable on little girls. Available in a variety of colors, they are a fantastic foundation to our D-Ring belts. If you want a classic look, pair a lace dress with our Brown D-Ring Belt, and add a sweater in a spring color, such as light blue, pink, or green. If you’d like to do something a little more edgy in toddler girls’ belts, our Hip Leopard D-Ring Belt is an adorable fashion statement that would add a bit of interest to a lace dress.

Spring Jumpsuit

D-ring belt for girlsJumpsuits are a great spring option, because they can be short without the danger of your little girl lifting her skirt too much in public. They are a step above most two-piece outfits, but still casual enough for her to run and play. Choose an adorable, stylish print such as blue, purple, or red gingham, or a popular but versatile color such as chambray. Toddler belts for girls are a great addition on a jumpsuit, giving it a needed finishing touch. Our Khaki D-Ring Belt is a nice neutral to go with a printed jumpsuit.

Tailored Jacket

Tailored jackets work on both boys and girls, and belts for kids are a great finishing touch. For girls, choose jackets with a lot of personality, in beautiful prints, or made out of fun colors. Any of our D-Ring belts would work well with a tailored jacket, and they’re easy to take off and put on. Tailored jackets are adorable with tutu-style skirts and sparkly shoes for a whimsical look, or pants, dress shoes, and a sweet hat for a more classic look.
What stylist options have you created with our d-ring belts?

Tips to Use When Shopping for Toddler Belts

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Toddler Belt ShoppingToddler belts are used for a couple of different reasons. Whether you are using them to help keep pants pulled up and on your toddler or simply using it as an accent to their outfit, you will need to know a few things when picking out your child’s new belt. If you are not exactly sure what to look for when you go shopping for a belt, you may find yourself overwhelmed and also giving up. Trust me, this was me at one point in time.


One of the most important things you need to know is the size of the belt. You will need to measure your child’s waist before shopping for a toddler belt so that you have an accurate measure. A belt that is too long or too tight will not work well and will irritate your toddler.

Toddler belt sizes are categorized differently. But to help you in your quest, here is our sizing chart:

 toddler belt size chart


Color is another thing to consider. You can choose from many neutral colored belts and these types are beneficial to have on hand because they match a wide array of different outfits from jeans to khakis and black slacks. You also have the option of different colors and designs if you need something fancy or dressed up.

When buying toddler belts, it’s important that the belt blends in to most your toddler’s wardrobe in the closet.  For boys, it is nice to have some plain ones, in leather black or brown, which you can use for many classic outfits. However, for the girls, you can also go with more of the fancy designs.


Lastly, you will want to consider the durability and material of the belt. Toddler belts come in a variety of different materials including leather and cotton, among others. The type of material you choose should depend on the look you are trying to achieve and also the event or occasion it is being used for. You will also want to make sure the belt is durable to keep up with your child and his or her activities throughout the day.

Belts for toddlers are a great accessory to add to any outfit and will also help achieve two purposes, holding pants and clothing items up and adding a cute accent to the outfit. Choosing a belt for your toddler will take some consideration and you will want to make sure, above all else, you know what your child’s waist size is.

What has your experience been shopping for a toddler belt? Share your story below. And don't forget to share this post with your friends.




Curious? Why a Toddler Needs a Belt

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Do your toddlertoddler belt’s pants keep falling down?  Do you love to dress your toddler fashionably, and have them wear hip accessories?  Our toddler belts are perfect for you and your little ones!  As a mom of 3 kids, I know all too well how important it is to stop those droopy drawers from falling down and for your child to look cute at the same time.

Keep pants up!

Like adults, toddlers come in all different sizes and there is no “one size fits all”.  There are so many toddlers that are very tall, with tiny waists!!  Therefore, it’s difficult for parents to find clothing that fits the toddler’s height, while being tight enough or loose enough on their waist.

If you buy pants small enough to fit the waist, the leg length may be too short, and if you buy pants longer in length, the waist is too big!!  In fact, I had to deal with this same issue.

We live in the south, and we wear shorts most of the year.  When one of my boys was 3 years old, he had a really small waist and wore 2T shorts.  However, when it did get chilly here, I could not put 2T jeans on him because they were too short, and he would be cold! How can you win?  One solution was for him to wear a toddler belt for boys.

Another issue is safety.  If the pant waist is too big, the pants can slip down causing your child to trip on the pant leg and fall.  Toddlers Belts for Active Kidsand kids are so physically active and they love to run around, therefore they are unaware of this possible danger.

My tip:  Buy the pants that fit best in length and add a toddler belt to tighten the waist.  Thus, your toddler’s legs stay covered and warm, while the belt ensures that the pants fit on their little waist perfectly!


In this day and age, it seems many moms like to dress their kids in clothes and accessories that are trendy, cute, yet practical.  You want your child to be comfortable, clean, and for their outfit to look complete.  For that finished look, adding a matching, toddler belt can make a big difference.  You can coordinate the belt with your son’s nice shoes, or with your daughter’s chic hair bow of the day!! Not to mention what little girl wouldn’t love to have a matching purse. Toddler accessories for girls are the perfect touch to complete your little diva’s ensemble. And let’s not forget our little men, having a camo belt is just what’s needed when playing make believe soldier. Can you say, “Fire in the hole!”.

My tip:  Buy toddler accessories to complete your child’s outfit or just for fun. Adding a little flare can take their outfit from drab to fab!

Belts for babies, infants, toddlers and kids are an important add-on that can easily be overlooked. With this blog post I wanted to share my knowledge and experience I come across in my daily life as a mom and business owner.  I am in contact with so many parents who have the same issues and are looking for an answer to tiny waists and big fashion!!   Feel free to check out my variety of toddler belts for boys and girls.  I invite you to come back to read many more educational, fun, and entertaining blog posts!

Can you relate to having a skinny child? Tell us about it below.