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Choosing the Correct Size

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Growing ChildIt is no secret that children grow like weeds, a few weeks pass and they need a whole new wardrobe. But how do parents know how to shop for a child that will not stop growing? Although it can sometimes be hard to keep up with a growing toddler, there are several ways for parents to choose correct sizes that will fit in the present as well as the future.


Establish a Guide


Parents need some way to measure their child as they continue to grow that will assist with buying a variety of clothing items. Parents can use a tape measure to measure the child's waist every week in order to keep track of how quickly the kids are growing. They can also use it to measure how tall their child is getting. Once they have established what rate their child is growing, they will have an idea of how often to buy new clothing.


Learn the Sizing


There are several infant and toddler sizing charts online that can help parents figure out what sizes their children will need, and at what age. Sometimes larger or smaller children do not follow the basic charts, but as long as parents keep track of how their child grows, this should not be a problem. Parents need to combine the rate their child grows, along with a sizing chart, in order to establish what sizes their children will need.


Dare to Compare


It can be hard to take a restless toddler shopping, so in order for parents to avoid having to bring their children to try on clothes, they can have Kleiner Junge beim Anziehenthem try on one piece and then use that as a guide. If parents take clothing items along with them, they can compare with newer items in order to purchase the correct sizes. Toddler belts are also a great item to use for shopping. Measure a child's waist with the belt and then use that measurement to compare with new pairs of pants, skirts or shorts.


Measure Up

Shoes can be a difficult thing when it comes to sizing. There are several measurement tools available for infant and toddler sizing when it comes to footwear. Before going shopping, measure the child's foot in order to know what size they are going to need. Also, pay attention to things such as wider feet or higher arches that can effect what kind of shoes should be purchased.


When in Doubt, Go Big


It is better to have clothing that is too big than too small. So if a parent is not sure, they should try and go for the sizes that look a little too big. Since children grow so fast, it will not take long for them to grow into any clothing that is too large. Also, if something is a little too big, that does not necessarily mean that they cannot wear it.


Children are going to grow a lot during the first years of their life. No child is the same, and the more they grow, the more different their clothing needs will become. So, pay attention to the changes and do not forget to measure.

One Less Thing to Worry About!

Monday, December 1st, 2014

Stress Mother Running Late with KidsMothers of young children can all agree that the list of things to worry about never really gets any shorter. Children running through the house, piles of laundry and mounds diapers getting bigger by the second are just the start to lengthy worry lists.


There is no need to keep adding to an already long list. Having to catch rambunctious children to pull up their sagging pants, or buying new clothes every couple of weeks because they just grow too fast, is something that can be easily avoided with a little preparation.


Proper Fit


Too many parents make the mistake of putting their children in clothing that is too big or too small. Tummies sticking out of shirts and pants falling down around ankles are not the best choices. It can be difficult to take toddlers shopping on every single trip, so make sure the clothing fits properly before taking a tag off of a newly bought item. This way, if they do not fit, they can be easily returned. Another way to keep clothing secure is to tuck in shirts and keep bottoms in place with a good infant or toddler belt.


Growing Up Fast


Young children tend to grow like weeds, which can be difficult in the clothing department. Instead of parents buying a lot of clothing items for one age group, just buy a few things, because the kids will probably be growing out of them within a month. Once a child grows out of their clothing, selling items to a second hand shop can bring a little extra cash to the wallet, or they can be donated, but it is wise for parents to cycle out clothing rather than keep it lying in dresser drawers for months.


Woman shopping in children's clothing store.Be Prepared


It would be overly stressful for a mother to have to go shopping every two weeks because her child is growing so fast. An easy way to avoid this is to buy clothing in advance. Instead of going shopping every couple of weeks, go shopping every couple of months and buy clothes for the weeks to come. If a child is six months old, go ahead and shop for eight month clothing. This way, mothers can feel prepared with new outfits even if they do not have time to go shopping. This can be done with shoes or hook and loop toddler belts as well. Remember to leave on the tags just in case they do not work out.


Be Realistic


When shopping for clothing in advance, be realistic about what kind of clothing is going to be used and what seasons they will be worn in. Do not buy sundresses for a future age group if it is going to be in January. Also, keep in mind what makes sense for each child. Do not buy overly frilly outfits that serve no purpose other than looking cute, because more than likely they will be worn one time at the most. Buy smart and purchase clothing that fits best with an active child.


Having the right clothing for the kids and feeling prepared for the inevitable “growing out” periods grants moms with one or two things to check off their worry list and gives them a little extra time to breathe.

That is a Wrap!

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Child Winter ClothingThe temperatures are becoming lower and lower as the winter months start to approach. Winter brings a lot of fun for toddlers, there is nothing better than days spent sledding, building snowmen and drinking hot chocolate. There is also no better time for getting a runny nose from a cold or catching dreaded flu. Make sure the kids enjoy winter while also still being safe by wrapping them up tight.


Teach Wrapping Skills


Since Christmas is just around the corner, having some wrapping skills is never a bad thing. But before the kids start wrapping presents, teach them how to wrap themselves for the weather. Helping the kids learn how to get each arm inside their coat and zip it up properly is a great way to start. Then, with a little help, they can learn to use scarves, gloves and hats. Make it fun by making up a wrapping game or song so they know which piece of clothing they should put on first and everything they should wear when going out into the cold.


Keep It Secure


Sloppy clothing can often cause problems when playing outside. Coats coming unzipped or pants falling down can let chilly air or even snow get inside a child's clothing. Obviously no parent can expect their child to play calmly when it comes to fresh snow, but they can secure their clothing. Make sure coats are zipped up and scarves are tied. A good toddler belt with a warm tucked in shirt can also keep a child's pants where they belong even through the toughest winter play times.


Use the Right Products


If a child is going out to play in the snow, different winter items should be worn. Knit gloves can be a huge mistake because the snow will go rightSledding on snow through them and coats made from corduroy or knit material can also let cold water in. Snow angels are not much fun when the snow leaks through a child's clothing. Waterproof coats, gloves and snow pants should be worn to keep little bodies warm. No mater how much snow they get covered in, the right products can make all the difference.


Layer It Up


Layers are the key to keeping warm. When getting a child ready to go out in the cold, use sweaters, jackets, and long-sleeved shirts to guard against the cold. It is not necessary to bundle a child so much that they walk like a penguin, but try and use at least three layers for playing in the snow. Also, having a pair of leggings layered under jeans and waterproof snow pants can guard against the cold as well.


Cold weather can be a lot of fun, especially when there is snow involved. But children should know that it is important to stay warm and dry. Explain that getting wet in the summer is not the same as getting wet in the winter and that they can get very sick without the proper clothing. Once they know that, winter can be cozy despite the shrinking temperatures.

What is a Veteran?

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Child playing with American flag pinwheel on Independence DayWith Veteran's Day approaching, young children get ready to enjoy a day off from preschool with Mom and Dad. Several young children see this day just as another free Friday off school, however, it is important for them to know why they are getting this day off, and what it means. Parents should strive to explain Veteran's Day to their children in a way that they will understand and also appreciate. It is never beyond a child to understand respect and sacrifice, in fact, they may appreciate it more than many adults. Parents should never sell their child sort and strive to impart that knowledge in their minds.


Explain the Meaning


Parents should take the time to sit down with their child and gently explain what being a veteran means. Tell them about serving the country and fighting for freedom in a child-friendly way. Explain that many people had to die to keep the country safe. Many parents make the mistake of thinking that their children should not have to hear about death. Although it is unnecessary to go into extreme detail, death is a natural part of life and something that should not be hidden from a child. Approach it with gentleness. If it does make a child seem sad, understand that is only their reaction and it is a healthy one.


Explain Respect and Celebration


The important thing to help a child understand is why people celebrate a veteran's fight and sacrifice. Explain to them what it means to honor and respect someone and why it is important to honor veterans who have fallen and respect current individuals serving now. A great way to help the kids show their respect is to help them display an American flag in front of the house. Another idea is to take them to a National Monument to lay down flowers for those who have fallen.


Make a Connection


If parents have family members or friends who have served, share those memories with the kids. Show them a photo album of those friends and Happy Salutefamily members while telling them stories or memories. Also, if they are related to a fallen veteran, have them write a letter or draw a picture to say “thank you” and take them to the veteran's grave to deliver their letter. Another way to help a child connect is to help a soldier now. With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, choose a soldier to send a care package to that is unable to be with their family this holiday season.


Show Visual Honor


Along with helping the kids hang a flag, help them show their respect with what they wear as well. Purchase some small American flags for the kids to hold or give them a themed t-shirt. If their parents or grandparents have served, or are serving, let them wear their family member's military cap or any metals they have won. Also, Baby Beltz has a military-style belt that is a great finishing touch to a Veteran's Day ensemble.


It is important for children to understand and to honor their country as well as those who have served it. Do not wait to start instilling that honor and celebrate with the kids this upcoming Veteran's Day.

Do Not Forget to Accessorize!

Monday, October 27th, 2014

The very best windows into a child's creativity and imagination are within the small things. Glitter added to a picture, glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to the ceiling or stylish accessories added to an outfit. Accessories are a child's opportunity to put their own spin on their outfits and create their own personal style. Not only does it boost a child's creativity and independence, but it also creates self-assurance and confidence.


Go Crazy


Little girl Dressed at PrincessYoung toddlers are just beginning to open up their creative minds. The worst thing a parent can do is crush that creativity. The kids might look a little silly, but let them choose their own accessories, even if it means a daughter with 15 necklaces on. Eventually, they will establish a more toned-down style, but it will be one that they created from the craziness.


Teach Confidence


Parents should strive to teach their children about how to accessorize. Take them shopping for jewelry, baseball caps, bows, or toddler belts and let them stretch their imagination. Also, establish a confidence within the child by praising their choices and telling them how good they look. If they know that they can make their own decisions with their style, it will promote that personal confidence.


Broaden the Mind


Choosing accessories is the perfect opportunity for parents to broaden their children's imagination. Take them shopping and let them make their own choices about what kind of accessories they want, what style and what color. Teach them how to put things together and watch as the creativity unfolds. Another great way to feed a child's imagination is to put on a fashion show with all sorts of outfits and accessories.


Pretty Little Toddler Sitting in FlowersHead Accessories


Little girls will always have more choices for accessories than boys, but there are choices for everyone. For little girls, hair bows, clips, hats or flowers are all great choices. For little boys, baseball caps, bandanas or sweat bands are a great way to go.


Neck Accessories


Little girls love necklaces, there is no denying that. Plastic kids jewelry is great for girls and moms can also let them try on their jewelry for fun as well. Add some bracelets and clip on earrings and make a tea party for the girls to enjoy. Little boys will lean more towards ties, bow ties or maybe even a chain necklace with a little bling.


Waist Accessories


The best accessory to complete an outfit is a stylish hook and loop toddler belt. Let the kids decide what color or pattern they want to add to their outfit. Also, a hook and loop toddler belt will teach the children independence as they learn how to buckle their belt all on their own.


As toddlers grow older, their desire to be creative grows as well. Accessorizing an outfit is one way to feed a child's creative mind while also teaching important lessons. It is a win win for both parents as well as children and, at the end of the day, the kids will look great!

School Uniform Belts

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

私立の小学生The first few years of school can be a frightening yet exciting time for a child. They want to look their best on their first day with the very best clothes, lunchbox and backpack. Several private schools today require a school uniform or dress code and, with school already in full swing, the kids are gonna need accessories they love to add to their school wardrobe.


What Schools Require Uniforms?

Most private schools require a uniform or have a strict dress code. Usually, if uniforms are needed, parents will have to fill out a form for sizing and the number of uniforms they need. It is best to order at least three, as the kids cannot wear the same one everyday without being pegged as the smelly kid in class and the parents want to avoid having to do laundry five times a week. If a school requires a dress code, there may be more freedom but the kids will still have limits.


What to Buy for Dress Codes

Most schools that require a dress code will send out a guide of what is acceptable. Several schools require things such as collared shirts or khaki pants. The most important thing to remember while shopping for a dress code is to look for modest clothing that is respectful. Try and steer clear of shirts with lingo or brand names stamped across the front and purchase pants and long skirts rather than shorts or mini skirts.


PerplessaWhat About Public Schools?

Several public schools today even require a slight dress code. Although brand names and lingo are free to roam, it is still important to be respectful with clothing. It is also important for parents to display an image for their children that they can be proud of by creating clean-cut outfits and sending their children to school as well-dressed students. If children start dressing responsibly and respectfully at a young age, it will follow them into elementary school and high school.


Accessories for Uniforms and Dress Codes

Every school is different with what they allow amongst the dress code. Often, if a school requires a uniform, added accessories are not allowed. But dress codes usually allow things such as jewelry, hair accessories, jackets and hats. Again, read over the guidelines for what is allowed at the child's school before purchasing back-to-school wardrobes. The one thing that almost every dress code and uniform does allow, and sometimes requires, is school uniform belts. Velcro or hook and loop kid's belts are great options for uniforms or dress codes. If schools only allow black or brown, they will be set, and if color is acceptable, there are a variety of colors and designs to choose from as well.


Whether a school requires a uniform, has a strict dress code or a loose dress code, they can all sometimes be a little boring for a child who wants to get creative with their outfits for school. Accessories are the best ingredients for spicing up a school uniform so the kids can get creative while still following the rules.

Trick or Treat Costume – Hmmmm We Choose Treat!

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Child in pumpkin suit on background of autumn leavesHalloween is a time for kids to dress up, have fun and eat lots of candy, so make it one to remember by helping them create a trick or treat costume they can get excited about.


Little Girls

Little girls love dressing up and to feel like they are the prettiest trick-or-treater in the neighborhood. Princesses, ballerinas, butterflies or fairies are great choices for little girls that love sparkle and pretty dresses.


Little Boys

With boys, they just want some kind of sword, claws or mask. They like to feel tough and unforgettable. Choices like ninjas, tigers, knights or super heroes will not go wrong with active little boys on Halloween.


Creativity Matters

Even if parents do not have a lot of money, it is not hard to create an unforgettable costume. Help the kids get creative by purchasing or making every section of their costume special to them. Let them pick what they want to be and how to make it happen. They should choose colors, accessories, masks and makeup all on their own with only a little help from Mom and Dad. If they create their costume on their own, it will be all the more special.


halloweenCharacter Influence

It is fun to let the kids decide what or who they want to be for Halloween, but keep in mind what the influence will be behind their choice. Try and steer clear of anything too bloody, aggressive or frightening as this may negatively affect the child. Fun characters will create fun activity while aggressive or gruesome characters will create unfortunate behavior.


Have Fun!

Go to great lengths for the kids. Have fun making a costume and letting them add extra touches to create the finished results. Every costume needs a little bling. Accessories are great for adding a little spice to a Halloween costume. A flashing necklace or cool sunglasses make great final touches to complete the Halloween look. Also, a snazzy toddler belt with matching colors or designs can be the perfect touch to complete the perfect costume.


Make It Count

Whatever costume a child does pick is going to be a big deal. So, make Halloween count this year and make a big deal right along with them. If they are a fairy, marvel at their wings and ask for special wishes, if they are a ninja, let them sneak attack as many times as they possibly can throughout the night. Play with the kids and join in the fun.


Choose Comfort

It is going to be easy for a little princess to want to wear the plastic high-heeled dress up shoes, or for Robin Hood to want to biggest, heaviest bow he can carry. Remember that the kids will be walking around for quite some time collecting candy, so try and steer them towards comfortable choices. Instead of high heels, bedazzle their tennis shoes with sparkles and ribbons. If Robin Hood wants the biggest bow, help make one at home by using lightweight material. They will be thankful later and the parents will not be stuck carrying everything at the end of the night.  Halloween can be filled with great memories for both the kids and the parents if they all take the time to be creative and have fun!

Raise a Responsible Toddler: Tips for Teaching Responsibility

Friday, June 13th, 2014
Responsible ToddlerWhen raising toddlers it is important to teach them responsibility early on. If children depend on their parents for everything it will follow them throughout their childhood and create individuals who are unable to think for themselves. Planting that seed of responsibility inside a toddler not only makes them well rounded when they are young, but also builds a foundation for responsibility throughout their entire lives.

There are several ways to encourage responsible habits in a young toddler.

Cleaning Up

It is very easy for a parent to decide to clean up all of the mess by themselves. Although it is less of a hassle for a parent to clean the toys up themselves, it is important to take the time to teach the kids how to clean up their own mess. After playtime, arts and crafts or meals, teach the kids how to help pick things up and wipe things down on their own. Try to make it fun by creating games or singing a song. If it is created as something the kids can enjoy, eventually they will clean up on their own without being told.

child buttoning shirtGetting Dressed

When kids are getting dressed or undressed try and let them take as much responsibility as possible. Teach them how to pull their head through a shirt or their legs through a pair of jeans. Purchase outfits and accessories, such as a hook and loop toddler belt, that will be easy to put on and take off so as the child will quickly learn how to dress themselves. Another great way to teach responsibility while getting dressed is to let them pick out their own outfit. The kids will love picking out their own clothes and will be dressing themselves in no time.

Caring for Pets

A fun option for teaching toddlers responsibility is purchasing a small pet that the kids can take care of. It is best to start with something small to minimize stress for the parents and make it easier for the kids to learn how to properly care for their pet. Goldfish, hamsters, lizards and turtles are all great options. Teach them how to feed their pet and, as they get older, clean out its cage. This will be a responsibility that grows with the child and teaches them how to care for another life.

Creating Values

Pinpoint a few extra activities that create a responsible lifestyle, such as recycling or volunteer work, and start instilling those values early on. Take the kids to volunteer at a pet shelter or teach them how to recycle. Try and make these activities fun as well as educational. While interacting with the kids during these activities, stress the value that they bring. These extra values will feel important to the child and will follow them into adulthood.

Responsibility is an important value to instill in any child. As they grow, a responsible lifestyle will create a positive outlook that they will carry with them for the rest of their life.

Do you have any tips on how to raise a responsible toddler?