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5 Awesome Toddler Summer Clothing Combinations

Thursday, June 19th, 2014
summer clothingSummer is here and it is time to shop for those just right outfits for the kids. Summer is a great time to come up with countless outfit combinations that will make the kids look stylish and adorable.

Sometimes deciding what to combine for those perfect summer outfits can be the hardest part. Moms may not have been born with the fashion gene but that does not mean that they cannot create one for their kids. Here are a couple ideas to get started.

Summer Time Play

When choosing summer clothing combinations for summer playtime, try to choose simpler outfits that the kids can run around in. Jean shorts are always a great choice because they go with just about anything. Simple t-shirts with fun pictures or designs are a great choice to pair with jeans. For girls, jean skorts add a more feminine touch and patterned leggings with a bright colored top is a great combination for a little girl on the run.

Sunday Best

A more formal summer outfit is where the fun comes in. For little boys, a short-sleeved collared dress shirt with khaki shorts, suspenders and bright colored bowtie is sure to receive some smiles. For little girls, bright patterned sundresses with strappy sandals and a flower or bow in the hair will make her feel beautiful.


Summer is the time for fun in the sun and a trip to the beach. Grab sunglasses and beach balls for the kids and head on down to the water. Adorable two or one piece swimsuits for girls with a little lace frill around the edges along with bright colored flip flops and a big floppy sun hat will be absolutely adorable. For the little guy’s day at the beach, plaid or stripped swimming trunks along with some matching sandals and cool shades will be sure to turn some heads.

boy summer clothingColor Combinations

The most important thing to remember when making outfit combinations is colors and patterns. Summer is the time to be bold. Make sure to choose bright bold colors against jeans or khakis or match with patterns. Never pair patterns with patterns to avoid chaos but instead pair patterns with solid colors. A patterned paint with a solid colored shirt that contains a simple picture is also a good choice. Use chaotic pieces to make simplistic styles to have the very best color combinations.

Time to Accessorize

When it comes to perfect combinations never skip out on the accessories. Sunglasses are always a fun treat for those sunny days. Other options are hook and loop toddler belts around shorts or dresses to give a nice clean completion to any outfit. Adorable sun hats with jumpers or baseball caps with t-shirts will keep the sunburns at bay and also look adorable. Along with any summer outfit, never forget a little bling for a little girl.

Summer time is one of the most fun seasons for new outfit creations. Parents, take the opportunity to pick out the kids clothes while they still cannot say no and come up with some of the best outfit combinations of the summer.

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