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Beat the Heat: Simple Summer Sweets at Home with the Kids

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

Summer is the time for sweet refreshing treats. Helping the kids make simple summer sweets not only gives the taste buds something special, but teaches creativity. Young children love being involved in something with their parent. Cooking or creating snacks is a great way to grant that desire while feeding their creativity. Make some cool and refreshing snacks this summer to beat the heat with the kids.


happy little girl eating popsicle at summertimePopsicles


Popsicles are a favorite summer treat for the kids. Use an ice cube tray and help them make individual miniature ones of their own. Use fruit juice or their favorite drink mix and have them mix it all together and help pour the liquid into each hole on their tray. They can also add special treats inside, such as berries or gummy bears. Once they have each popsicle ready, slide a popsicle stick into each one and freeze overnight.




Childhood would not be complete without a lemonade stand. Help the kids make one out of an old cardboard box and then mix up a special batch of lemonade. Let them pour and stir as much as possible without making too big of a mess. Try to help them make their own secret recipe by adding strawberries or other sweet ingredients.


Dirt Cups


Little boys will love making the worm filled dirt cups. Use chocolate pudding and crushed cookie crumbs to make dirt and top them off with gummy worms. The kids will love crushing the cookies and for once being allowed to eat both dirt and worms.




A fire is not needed to make tasty summer night s’mores. Gather all the ingredients and help the kids stack up their own individual s’mores. If they can handle the sugar, give the options of extra ingredients such as peanut butter cups or M&M’s. Once they have stacked up their s’more, place it in the microwave until melted.


Chocolate Covered Fruit


A healthier sweet treat is chocolate covered fruit. Melt some different kinds of chocolate and slice up different fruit options. Place the chocolate and fruit on a wax paper covered table and let the kids dip their treats. Do not be surprised though if more chocolate goes into mouths than on the fruit.




Pop some popcorn in the microwave for a movie night. Before settling down to watch the movie, let the kids make their own popcorn recipes. Set out sweet options, such as caramel or chocolate, and spicy options, such as chili powder or garlic salt, and do not forget the butter. Try to help guide them with their choices as much as possible because caramel may not go too well with chili powder.

Making snacks with the kids is a great opportunity to burn time during the hot summer months while also feeding a child’s creativity and having a lot of fun. Kids will love creating yummy creations with their mom or dad, and they will love eating them even more.