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You’ve Got Personality!

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

smiling childEveryone is different, that is something that every adult already knows, but a child may need a little instruction. A young child has no concept that someone might have different ideas, opinions or tastes. They do not even understand that they themselves are different, it is something they have to learn. In order to help a child understand that they are an individual and unique is to help them learn how to let their personality shine.


Test for Fun


One way for parents to show their children that they are an individual is to give them a “fun test.” Make up some questions that both the kids and the parents have to answer. These questions can include things like “what is your favorite food” or “what do you think would happen on the best day ever?” Have them answer the questions and be sure to acknowledge that everyone's answer is different.


Personal Decorations


Another way to help a child's personality grow is to let them decorate their own room. Let them choose the paint color, no matter how wild it might get, and paint the room to match what they like. They can also choose things like wall decorations, bed sheets, curtains, pillows or rugs. Another great idea is to have a designated drawing wall, one wall where the kids can draw whatever they want! As the kids get older, let them paint their room again and the color wall can be painted over to make room for a brand new one.


pretty childPersonal Style


Clothing can be a great picture of personality. Rather than a parent picking out their child's clothing all alone, they can take the kids shopping and choose what they like. At first kids might lean towards what their parents have been dressing then in or shirts with whatever cartoon movie is popular at the time but eventually they will learn how to choose things based on their own personal preference. Parents can always start small with simple shirts, dresses, pants or hook-and-loop toddler belts and work their way up as the kids get older. As the kids grow, they will develop their own personal style that embodies who they are as an individual.


Personal Taste


Creating different foods can also give a child an idea of what lies inside their individual personality. Parents can create a dinner chart that the kids can add things to for different days of the week. That does not mean that vegetables get erased and there are 15 desserts for dinner, but rather that the kids can help choose something in different dinner columns. For instance, there can be a column for vegetables, meat, pasta, bread, fruit, dessert and miscellaneous. This way, everyone in the family can have a part in planning meals around what they like for the week.


Personality is something that, for the most part, simply has to be learned. But it is up to the parents, whether their child knows that they have a personality or not, to decide whether they are going to feed it or let it starve.