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Will You Be My Valentine?

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Valentine's Day Valentine's Day is a holiday filled with big red hearts, tasty chocolates, red roses and, of course, lots of romance. While young couples hit by cupid tend to make the most out of the holiday, it is also a great day to celebrate with the kids because, after all, there is no better symbol of love than a mother or father and their children.


Explain the Beginning


Several children never get past the free candy, school parties and pop-up cards. Although there is nothing wrong with those things, it is important that parents teach their children how the holiday started. Although the true story may be a bit advanced for toddlers, parents can explain it in a simple way. While making those holiday cupcakes with the kids, tell them the story of St. Valentine and how he went against the Roman Empire in order to help soldiers who wanted to get married. Explain how, despite the fact that it was not allowed, he did it in the name of love and that is why people set aside the day of February 14th in his honor, to be a celebration of love. While there is a lot more to the story, as the children grow, they can learn the deeper meaning behind the man that started the special day.


Make Something Special


Valentine's Day is the perfect time for arts and crafts with the kids. Instead of buying pre-made cards, help the kids by cutting different shaped hearts and breaking out the glitter glue. Let them use glue, glitter, stickers and markers to decorate their own valentines for their family and friends. Also, let the kids help make some special cookies or cupcakes and have fun with the frosting and sprinkles. Another way to make the day special for the kids is by having a little party for their friends and family. Make special treats, arts and crafts or party games that will make it fun for everyone.


Toddler Valentines DayDress Up for the Occasion


While it may not be every little boy's favorite thing, little girls will love dressing up for the day. Dress them in red or pink with matching accessories, such as a red, pink or stripped toddler belt, for preschool or a holiday party. The kids will love looking the part while passing out their homemade valentines to their friends.


Explain Valentine's Day Love


While it is mainly a romantic event, Valentine's Day can be a celebration of all kinds of love. Explain the different kinds of love and how the kids can send cards to their friends, parents, grandparents, siblings, even pets in order to show how much they love them. It is also important that parents vocalize how much they love their children and how, on the holiday celebrating love, their children are what they are celebrating.


Love comes in many forms and Valentine's Day is the day to celebrate them all. So, show the kids lots of love and celebrate the day with the whole family.