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Trick or Treat Costume – Hmmmm We Choose Treat!

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Child in pumpkin suit on background of autumn leavesHalloween is a time for kids to dress up, have fun and eat lots of candy, so make it one to remember by helping them create a trick or treat costume they can get excited about.


Little Girls

Little girls love dressing up and to feel like they are the prettiest trick-or-treater in the neighborhood. Princesses, ballerinas, butterflies or fairies are great choices for little girls that love sparkle and pretty dresses.


Little Boys

With boys, they just want some kind of sword, claws or mask. They like to feel tough and unforgettable. Choices like ninjas, tigers, knights or super heroes will not go wrong with active little boys on Halloween.


Creativity Matters

Even if parents do not have a lot of money, it is not hard to create an unforgettable costume. Help the kids get creative by purchasing or making every section of their costume special to them. Let them pick what they want to be and how to make it happen. They should choose colors, accessories, masks and makeup all on their own with only a little help from Mom and Dad. If they create their costume on their own, it will be all the more special.


halloweenCharacter Influence

It is fun to let the kids decide what or who they want to be for Halloween, but keep in mind what the influence will be behind their choice. Try and steer clear of anything too bloody, aggressive or frightening as this may negatively affect the child. Fun characters will create fun activity while aggressive or gruesome characters will create unfortunate behavior.


Have Fun!

Go to great lengths for the kids. Have fun making a costume and letting them add extra touches to create the finished results. Every costume needs a little bling. Accessories are great for adding a little spice to a Halloween costume. A flashing necklace or cool sunglasses make great final touches to complete the Halloween look. Also, a snazzy toddler belt with matching colors or designs can be the perfect touch to complete the perfect costume.


Make It Count

Whatever costume a child does pick is going to be a big deal. So, make Halloween count this year and make a big deal right along with them. If they are a fairy, marvel at their wings and ask for special wishes, if they are a ninja, let them sneak attack as many times as they possibly can throughout the night. Play with the kids and join in the fun.


Choose Comfort

It is going to be easy for a little princess to want to wear the plastic high-heeled dress up shoes, or for Robin Hood to want to biggest, heaviest bow he can carry. Remember that the kids will be walking around for quite some time collecting candy, so try and steer them towards comfortable choices. Instead of high heels, bedazzle their tennis shoes with sparkles and ribbons. If Robin Hood wants the biggest bow, help make one at home by using lightweight material. They will be thankful later and the parents will not be stuck carrying everything at the end of the night.  Halloween can be filled with great memories for both the kids and the parents if they all take the time to be creative and have fun!