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Choosing the Correct Size

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Growing ChildIt is no secret that children grow like weeds, a few weeks pass and they need a whole new wardrobe. But how do parents know how to shop for a child that will not stop growing? Although it can sometimes be hard to keep up with a growing toddler, there are several ways for parents to choose correct sizes that will fit in the present as well as the future.


Establish a Guide


Parents need some way to measure their child as they continue to grow that will assist with buying a variety of clothing items. Parents can use a tape measure to measure the child's waist every week in order to keep track of how quickly the kids are growing. They can also use it to measure how tall their child is getting. Once they have established what rate their child is growing, they will have an idea of how often to buy new clothing.


Learn the Sizing


There are several infant and toddler sizing charts online that can help parents figure out what sizes their children will need, and at what age. Sometimes larger or smaller children do not follow the basic charts, but as long as parents keep track of how their child grows, this should not be a problem. Parents need to combine the rate their child grows, along with a sizing chart, in order to establish what sizes their children will need.


Dare to Compare


It can be hard to take a restless toddler shopping, so in order for parents to avoid having to bring their children to try on clothes, they can have Kleiner Junge beim Anziehenthem try on one piece and then use that as a guide. If parents take clothing items along with them, they can compare with newer items in order to purchase the correct sizes. Toddler belts are also a great item to use for shopping. Measure a child's waist with the belt and then use that measurement to compare with new pairs of pants, skirts or shorts.


Measure Up

Shoes can be a difficult thing when it comes to sizing. There are several measurement tools available for infant and toddler sizing when it comes to footwear. Before going shopping, measure the child's foot in order to know what size they are going to need. Also, pay attention to things such as wider feet or higher arches that can effect what kind of shoes should be purchased.


When in Doubt, Go Big


It is better to have clothing that is too big than too small. So if a parent is not sure, they should try and go for the sizes that look a little too big. Since children grow so fast, it will not take long for them to grow into any clothing that is too large. Also, if something is a little too big, that does not necessarily mean that they cannot wear it.


Children are going to grow a lot during the first years of their life. No child is the same, and the more they grow, the more different their clothing needs will become. So, pay attention to the changes and do not forget to measure.