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Posts Tagged ‘ Family Fun ’

Easter Egg Hunt!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

easter childrenEaster is just around the corner and it is time for parents to put together that all important Easter egg hunt! Kids all over the country look forward to hunting for those colorful eggs and tasty candies. There are several ways to put together an Easter egg hunt to make it fun for everyone involved and create a holiday to remember.


Be Prepared


Before starting an Easter egg hunt, parents should make sure their children are properly prepared. Make sure there are plenty of baskets or buckets to collect a lot of eggs. It is also important to get the kids dressed in the right attire. While the kids may look cute in their Easter Sunday clothes, eggs could be hiding in the brushes or down in the dirt, so make sure they are wearing play-friendly clothing. Another good option is an Easter-colored toddler belt, to keep pants, skirts or shorts secure during an active search.


The Plastic Easter Egg Hunt


A lot of parents prefer plastic eggs for their children's Easter egg hunt. Fill the eggs with their favorite candies and hide them all over the yard. Keep in mind the height difference and make sure to hide the treats where little hands can reach them.


The Real Egg Hunt


Another great Easter tradition for kids is dying eggs. While real eggs can be more fragile, some kids enjoy making their own eggs for the hunt. Help the kids dye a couple dozen eggs the day before, then hide them on Easter for the hunt. After the kids find all their eggs, reward them with a basket full of candy.


Color Coordination


Parents with more than one child often run into the problem of one sibling getting more eggs than the other. A good way to solve this problem is by using color coordinated eggs and baskets. This is also a great game if little cousins have come over for the holidays. Give each child their own colored bucket and tell them to search for the eggs with the same color. That way, parents can make sure that there is the same amount for everyone.


Easter Basket ChildrenEaster Basket Fun


In order to make the hunt even more exciting for the kids, help them decorate their own Easter basket. Parents can purchase ribbons, stickers, glitter, stuffed bunnies and Easter grass to help decorate. Each child can decorate their own unique basket for the hunt and fill it to the top with candy. Another great option for parents is to decorate the baskets themselves and surprise their kids in the morning.


Egg Goodies


The main thing parents put inside Easter eggs and baskets is candy, but there are several other goodies kids can enjoy as well. Several stores sell Easter bunny figurines and stuffed animals. Parents can also purchase play jewelry for little girls, small cars for boys, coloring books, crayons, balls and several other small toys.


While kids may believe in the Easter bunny, parents know that the true responsibility for a happy Easter lies with them. So, make it one the kids will remember!

Let’s Decorate with Paint!

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

children paintingOne of the best ways for parents to interact with their children is by creating hands on activities that they can enjoy together. One of the more popular options is arts and crafts. Not only do arts and crafts give children the opportunity to do something hands on, but they also help boost creativity.


When it comes to arts and crafts, the messier the better. That is why one of the best choices is paint!


Create a Messy Zone


Before starting on any painting activities, parents should create a “messy zone” where the paint has to stay. Areas such as the kitchen table covered with newspaper, outside on the patio or driveway, or on the kitchen floor are ideal for painting. Also, make sure the kids are dressed in painting clothes or aprons that can get stained. It is also good to secure clothing with a good toddler belt.


Wall-Worthy Art


Once the messy zone is set, help the kids make their own pictures to hang on the wall in their room. Squirt small bits of different colored paint on paper plates and let the kids create their masterpiece. They can use brushes, sponges, stamps or their fingers. Always be there to supervise and make sure no paint goes in little mouths, but let the kids create their own picture as much as possible. Once the pictures are painted and dried, parents can help their kids cover the walls of their room.


Print Painting


Child PaintingAnother painting option kids love is print painting. This will have to be done on the kitchen floor or outside on the driveway or patio. Purchase some large rolls of paper to spread out on the floor like a pathway. At one end, put bowls of colored paint, at the other end, put a bowl of clean water. Let the kids dip their feet into the paint, walk across the paper and then rinse off their feet at the end. After that, they can dip their hands in the paint to make hand prints. They can also write or draw pictures with their fingers as well. Once their project is complete, they will have a whole sheet of foot personal artwork to hang across the wall.


Wall Painting


No child should ever get into the habit of writing or painting on the walls. But, it is sometimes nice for a child to have a “free wall” in their room that they can paint however they want. Parents can lay newspaper down on the floor, give their kids some paint and brushes, and let them paint whatever they want. Make sure that the kids know that their free wall is the only wall they are allowed to paint. If they disobey, the privilege should be taken away. Over the years, parents can help their kids paint over previous creations so they can paint new ones as they get older.


Painting with the kids can be an inspiration for creativity, artistic talented and independent thinking. So, grab some brushes, break out the paper, pour the paint and get started.

A Day Made for Green!

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

St Patrick's day babyThe end of the rainbow is getting closer and closer, St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner. Various holidays are the biggest opportunities for parents to share a special day with their kids while also teaching them a few valuable lessons. So, take this St. Patrick's Day to share a lesson and have a little fun.


Explain St. Patrick


While no one knows much about the man that started the day, parents can explain the little that is known about St. Patrick. Parents should teach their kids about the man named Patrick, who, due to his Catholic faith and missions in Ireland, gained the title of “Saint.” Because of the lush green landscapes of Ireland, green has become the symbolic color of St. Patrick's Day. Food and drink native to Ireland have also made their way into holiday traditions and it all started with one man's religious mission.


Introduce the Green


Make the holiday fun for the kids by introducing the tradition of wearing green. Make sure they know they will receive lots of tickles without anything green on their body. Parents can purchase special St. Patrick's Day outfits, completed with bright green accessories, such as a green hook and loop toddler belt. Parents should also keep the spirit alive and dress up in green right next to them. After sporting the best in green attire, take the kids out to search for the individuals who chose not to wear green and pass out some tickles!


Search for Luck


Parents can make a special holiday activity for their kids involving the St. Patrick's Day tradition of lucky symbols. Take the kids out to search for four leaf clovers or help them cut and color their own clovers. Parents can also make a rainbow party in their own living room, complete with a pot of gold chocolate coins at the end.


Play Games


Another tradition parents can bring up are the happy leprechauns that like to roam through the house the night before St. Patrick's Day. Help the kids make a “leprechaun trap” before going to bed. Parents can leave some gold glitter, clover and gold chocolate coins under the trap to get the kids excited about almost catching a leprechaun. Another fun game is making a green treasure trail. Have them dip their feet into green paint and make a path on some parchment paper. Later, let them lay down the path so it leads to their special pot of chocolate gold.


Enjoy the Yummies


Delightfully Delicious Chocolate Cup CakesA holiday would be nothing without snacks. Parents can bake special cookies with green frosting and let the kids decorate and enjoy. Another way for parents to introduce tradition to their kids is by making them a corned beef sandwich for lunch, a meat highly enjoyed in Ireland. End the meal with some sprite mixed with green food coloring in order to make a fizzy, green and tasty beverage.


St. Patrick's Day may not be the biggest holiday on the calender, but that is no reason not to celebrate. Parents can take the day to spent with their kids in order to let them know, when it comes to luck, they are the luckiest parents of all.

Capture the Moment with Family Photos

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Mother and baby - capturing momentsWhen it comes to family photos,visions soar into every mother's mind of smiling angels framed by curled locks and shining teeth. Realty often breaks this spell by adding crying toddlers, unprofessional photographers or cheesy backgrounds. In order to avoid this realty, there are several things parents can do to make sure their family photos capture wonderful memories.


Practice Techniques


A crying toddler is never the best model, but parents can avoid meltdowns by picture practicing with their kids beforehand. A camera, pretend stage and smiling kids are all it takes to practice. Try and tell the kids what they should do and introduce them to the idea of a stranger taking pictures of them. If the kids feel prepared, they will be more likely to smile without fear.


Research Before Buying


Unprofessional photographers can be a huge black mark on a mother's perfect pictures. In order to prevent this, parents should research their photography company and photographer before making any commitment. It is best to look for a photographer that specifically works with young children and has experience dealing with a crisis. If possible, parents should also try and set up a meeting to talk about ideas.




In order to obtain visually appealing photos, outfits need to coordinate. Make sure the whole family is wearing colors that match. Everyone should look put together and neat with nice clothes, combed hair and visually appealing accessories, such as hook and loop toddler belts. It is also important that everyone steer clear of heavy patterns or neon colors.


Bring a Friend


Young children can be shy, but when parents are supposed to be in the family photo, it is hard for them to be comforting nervous toddlers. One way to fix the problem is to bring a friend, babysitter or family member that the kids trust. That way, they can try and calm the kids from behind the camera. If the kids are looking at a friend rather than a scary stranger, they will be more likely to flash a smile.


Make It Fun


The best way to capture those beautiful family moments is to make the photo shoot fun. Rather than taking pictures in a stuffy building do outside photography at some of the kid's favorite spots. A professional photographer will be able to capture the very best moments in a natural setting. This will also make the kids feel more at ease.


Choose the Right Timing


family photographsParents should think through what is the best time for the kids rather than what is the best time for them. It can be difficult to smile and say cheese when hungry or tired, so parents should not schedule sessions when the kids would normally be taking naps or eating. Timing is everything when it comes to pictures and the wrong time can make a difficult photo shoot for everyone involved.

  It is possible for mothers to obtain their perfect family pictures. All they have to do is keep it natural, match it up and smile.

The Falling Leaves

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

autumn parkAs winter approaches, the last leaves of fall are making their way to the ground. Every parent knows what that means. It is time for leaf piles. One of the best ways to bond with the kids during the changing seasons is to interact with seasonal activities. Raking leaves has always been one of the most fun activities for kids because they know that after all the work is done, it is time to play.


Little Helpers


Jumping into giant piles of leaves is obviously the best part for a child, but that does not mean that they cannot help with the raking part as well. Parents should strive to make the work just as fun as the jumping. Purchase a miniature leaf rake for each child and make a game out of raking the leaves. It could be a race to see who can rake the most leaves or who can clear the most of the yard first. If parents have more than one child, have a contest to see who can make the biggest leaf pile. Kids will love the competition and parents will love the extra help.


Proper Clothing


Leaves can sometimes be vicious, kids can get cuts or rug burn from scraping against leaves and small sticks can often get raked up into a pile by mistake. In order to be safe, have the kids wear long pants and long sleeved shirts along with closed-toed shoes. It is also a good idea to have them wear a secure toddler belt that will keep their pants up where they belong. No one wants to have to be pulling up their pants every time they want to take a jump.


Create Variety

Although jumping in leaves can be a ton of fun, make it even more fun by creating a variety of new games. Parents can create a hidden treasure game by hiding special prizes inside the piles of leaves for the kids to find. Or, if a family has a larger yard, they can make more than one pile of leaves to play a game of hide and seek where the kids have to figure out which pile their parent is hiding in.


Kids playing in autumn parkJoin the Fun


It is not much fun for a child to jump in the leaves all alone. Parents should join the fun with their kids and jump right along with them. They can roll around, take turns burying one another and throw leaves into the air like confetti. A parent should never be afraid to be a big kid if it makes their child's activities all the more special.


Reward a Job Well Done


If a child helps their parents with the raking, they should get a “thank you” for being such a good helper. To stay within the spirit of autumn, cook a special treat for the kids to enjoy when they are done rolling in the leaves. Let them choose from fall-themed treats such as s'mores, apple cider, pumpkin pie or caramel corn.


Fallen leaves do not have to be a hassle when there are kids involved. A day filled with leaf-jumping fun can be great for the kids and make the parents forget that raking leaves was ever a chore.

Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Thanksgiving dinnerThanksgiving is not all about the food, days off school and all the uncles yelling at the television set. For young children, sometimes that is all they see, but it is important for parents to explain the true meaning of the holiday as well.


With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, there are several ways for parents to teach their children the reason that family and friends get together every year to share a meal.


Explain the Meaning of “Thanks”


When explaining the holiday to their children, parents should divide the word in half. Starting with “thanks.” Teach the kids about being thankful and what that means. Each child can draw a picture or make a list of what they are thankful for and why. They can also write down friends or family members to say “thank you” to and write letters of thanks to hand out during Thanksgiving dinner.


Explain the Meaning of “Giving”


The second half of the word is “giving.” Tell them about the very first Thanksgiving when the English settlers came to a new land and shared a meal with the Indian tribes. Connect that story of giving with giving today. Ask the kids what they do to give. If they are old enough, parents can even take them to volunteer and help give a Thanksgiving dinner to someone less fortunate.


Remember the Past


Every child should hear the story of the very first Thanksgiving. To make it fun for the kids, make costumes of how the people dressed during the first Thanksgiving meal and re-create the day. Some kids can dress up as English settlers while others dress up as Indians. Explain how styles have changed since then and compare outfits. Parents can even use hats, toddler belts or shoes to show examples of how accessories have changed.


Look to the Future


Once a child understands the past, parents should then explain the future. Tell the kids what it means to join together on Thanksgiving. ExplainThanksgiving with Children to them the meaning of being with loved ones and sharing in a beautiful meal while showing thanks for receiving it. Children should be able to focus more on the family and the heart behind Thanksgiving rather than apple pie and mashed potatoes.


Help Them Understand


It is not wrong to enjoy the food, eat three slices of pie and cheer for a favorite team to win a football game. Children should understand that they should enjoy all those things, but also understand the meaning behind them. If they can be thankful for their piles of turkey and their big screen TV, they will learn how to appreciate everything they have received and understand that not everything comes easily. A good way to help them learn this is to teach them to help make Thanksgiving dinner instead of just eating it.


Thanksgiving is one of the most loved days for good friends, good food and family time. Help the kids learn the reasons behind the day and they will respect it even more.