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Chores, Chores, Chores!

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

child choresIt is never too early to teach responsibility. That is why it is important for parents to teach their kids the importance of doing their chores, even at a young age. So get the kids, tighten those hook-and-loop belts and get to work


Start Small


It does not make much sense to ask a younger child to do difficult chores on their own. But in order to get the responsibility ball rolling, parents can choose smaller chores that they can help their children accomplish around the house. These can include dusting the furniture, pushing a vacuum cleaner, helping to take out the trash or holding the dustpan for Mom after she sweeps the kitchen floor. By helping a child do chores around the house, it will be easier as they grow to ask them to start doing things on their own


Plant a Nugget


A small nugget should be planted in a young child's mind that a household belongs to the entire family and therefore should not be taken care of by just one person. Parents should create a family dynamic with their spouses and children that makes the kids feel like they are an important part of the household as well as a big reason why it runs the way it does. Responsibility should feel like an honor to a child, rather than a burden


Create a Chores Chart


Do not just let the kids choose a chore and expect it to get done every week, because every parent knows that most likely will not happen. Call a family meeting and create a chart that lists all the chores that should be done throughout the week. Assign each child to two or three chores a day, keeping them age appropriate. Once each child has done their chore, they can check it off the list and be free for the day. Make sure to switch chores around week by week so the kids are not doing the same chores over and over again. It is also important that the parents are assigned chores as well to create that equality within the family


Reward Good Behavior


If the kids get their chores done in good time without complaining, whining or putting it off until the last minute, make sure to reward that. Give out prizes for chores checked off the chart. Prizes can be things like candy, cookies, stickers or even special outings such as going to the movies or out to a restaurant


family choresAdd Some Fun


Try not to make all the chores miserable for the kids. After all, no one likes cleaning the toilet or taking out the trash. But they may like helping to weed the garden (what kid does not like playing in the dirt?), helping to make dinner or washing the car. Add in some chores that the kids fight over having, rather than just the ones that make them groan.


Every child should learn the importance of chores in a way that does not make them cringe. Keep chores as equal and important acts for the entire family and be sure that the kids will always get them done.