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Summer Fun: 10 Things to Do with the Kids

Summer Fun: 10 Things to Do with the Kids

summer funSummer is here, preschool is out, but the endless energy is not!!  Summer activities for the kids can be fun for children and parents if done with creativity and enthusiasm. Here are a few ideas to get the summer rolling.

Park Playtime

Take the kids out to the park and amp up their playtime by bringing along Frisbees, beach balls, buckets or any other outdoor equipment. Join them in the fun instead of sitting on the sidelines. Not only will this be more fun for the child but will also help them learn motor skills.

Water Activities

Summer is the time for swimming and water activities. Invest in a little kiddy pool, a sprinkler or small water slide. Make some water balloons or buy squirt toys. Kids will love playing out in the water for hours.


During the toddler years, children start to yearn for exploring. Embrace this instinct by taking the kids on a short hike and letting them explore. The kids will be running around like crazy, so make sure to invest in a good toddler belt to keep pants in place during any exploration.

Feed the Birds

If children are not afraid of animals more than likely they love them. So take the kids to feed the ducks at the lake or help them make a birdhouse and fill it with seeds for the birds in the backyard. Buy some kid binoculars and let them watch as their new friends visit the house.

Outdoor Painting

Purchase some non-toxic washable finger paint, set up a giant painting station in the driveway and let the kids have fun. Do not worry about any loose paint since it can just be sprayed right off the sidewalk. Let the kids express their freedom and try not to think about the mess!

summer funField Trip

Find what is in the area such as a children’s museum, aquarium or zoo and take the kids on a field trip. Help them make animal sounds for each zoo animal or pretend to swim like the fishes and interact as much as possible.

Fly a Kite

On a windy day take the kids out to fly a kite. Most will be too young to do it on their own, but help them along by picking them up and running while they hold onto the kite and watch it fly.

Summer Festivities

During summer, several festivals, circuses and fairs are often taking place. Look out on the town’s activity calendar and if any are happening in the area gather up the kids and head on down. Most activities such as these thrive on their entertainment for children.

Plant a Garden

This will be more the parents than the kids but by making them feel involved they probably will  not mind. Plant a garden and let them help bury seeds, water plants and pick the vegetables after they have grown.

Make a Scrapbook

Let the kids find flowers, leaves or feathers outside and make a summertime nature scrapbook. They will love searching for different things and being able to keep them somewhere special.

Summer is a special time full of sunshine and wonder for a young child so give them the very best and do not take their summer for granted.  What fun things do you like to do with your kids during the summer?

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