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School Uniform Belts

School Uniform Belts

私立の小学生The first few years of school can be a frightening yet exciting time for a child. They want to look their best on their first day with the very best clothes, lunchbox and backpack. Several private schools today require a school uniform or dress code and, with school already in full swing, the kids are gonna need accessories they love to add to their school wardrobe.


What Schools Require Uniforms?

Most private schools require a uniform or have a strict dress code. Usually, if uniforms are needed, parents will have to fill out a form for sizing and the number of uniforms they need. It is best to order at least three, as the kids cannot wear the same one everyday without being pegged as the smelly kid in class and the parents want to avoid having to do laundry five times a week. If a school requires a dress code, there may be more freedom but the kids will still have limits.


What to Buy for Dress Codes

Most schools that require a dress code will send out a guide of what is acceptable. Several schools require things such as collared shirts or khaki pants. The most important thing to remember while shopping for a dress code is to look for modest clothing that is respectful. Try and steer clear of shirts with lingo or brand names stamped across the front and purchase pants and long skirts rather than shorts or mini skirts.


PerplessaWhat About Public Schools?

Several public schools today even require a slight dress code. Although brand names and lingo are free to roam, it is still important to be respectful with clothing. It is also important for parents to display an image for their children that they can be proud of by creating clean-cut outfits and sending their children to school as well-dressed students. If children start dressing responsibly and respectfully at a young age, it will follow them into elementary school and high school.


Accessories for Uniforms and Dress Codes

Every school is different with what they allow amongst the dress code. Often, if a school requires a uniform, added accessories are not allowed. But dress codes usually allow things such as jewelry, hair accessories, jackets and hats. Again, read over the guidelines for what is allowed at the child's school before purchasing back-to-school wardrobes. The one thing that almost every dress code and uniform does allow, and sometimes requires, is school uniform belts. Velcro or hook and loop kid's belts are great options for uniforms or dress codes. If schools only allow black or brown, they will be set, and if color is acceptable, there are a variety of colors and designs to choose from as well.


Whether a school requires a uniform, has a strict dress code or a loose dress code, they can all sometimes be a little boring for a child who wants to get creative with their outfits for school. Accessories are the best ingredients for spicing up a school uniform so the kids can get creative while still following the rules.

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