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Rub a Dub Dub in the Tub, but Safety First!

Rub a Dub Dub in the Tub, but Safety First!
Bath Time IIThere is nothing better for a kid than gathering up all the rubber duckies, tug boats and mermaids to play in the bubbles. But bath time can also be risky if not done right and that is where the parents come in.

Safe Fun

Bath time should be fun but also safe. For example, parents should be the ones in charge of running the water and pouring the soap. That way, the parent can decide on the right water temperature and the correct amount of soap for a bath. It can be dangerous to have waters too hot or too cold. The water should be kept lukewarm to guard against burns as well as sickness from the cold. When using soap or bubbles, parents need to make sure it is child-friendly. Bubbles should be used in moderation and things such as shampoo should only be used under adult supervision. Parents can look for tearless soaps and shampoos to guard against stinging the eyes.

Cover Up and Hide Away Dangers

Bathroom safety is essential for all families with young children. This often means locking cleaning supplies up or putting it away where a child cannot reach it. There are many chemicals that, if put into the bath, can be damaging to a child's skin, or worse, their health. Another thing to keep in mind is covering outlets, locking cabinet doors and putting child-proof locks on the bathtub knobs so the kids cannot run the water without a parent there to help. This can keep them from overflowing the tub, messing up the bathroom or endangering themselves.

Make It Fun!

Once all the safety precautions have been taken care of, parents can make bath time fun for their kids! Before getting into the bath, make a game out of throwing dirty clothes into the hamper or putting away hook-and-loop toddler belts as the kids get undressed. Once they are in the water, give them bath toys, add some bubbles, play music in the bathroom or draw the shower curtain and let them splash around!

Supervision for the Little Ones

Parents should decide on their own when their kids are ready to be in the tub without supervision. It can vary by age and, since not a10.22.14_blog_bathtimecropped-300x199ll children are the same, some might need more help than others. For younger children, however, a parent should be present in the bathroom at all times, not only for the child's safety, but also for the protected cleanliness of the bathroom.

Scrub Time!

When helping kids wash, parents should be there to help but also need to try and teach them how to do it on their own. Parents can do this by squirting some shampoo into their child's hand and letting them rub it in their hair. They can also let the kids scrub with a washcloth and rinse their body on their own. When rinsing hair, parents can have the kids finger through their hair as their parent pours water over their head as it is bent backwards.

Bath time is the time for rubbing, scrubbing and fun in the tube! So keep it safe, keep it clean and keep it fun!

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