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Raising a Reader

Raising a Reader

Reading IIIWith the invention of the smartphone and the coming of the tablet, books are often scarcely seen. However, for parents of toddlers, books are still extremely important. Parents reading to their children has a huge impact in a lot of different ways and that is why it is so important to raise a young reader.

The Benefits

Reading is one of the best ways to help kids developmentally. Reading books with a child works to stimulate optimal patterns as well as brain development. Another huge benefit that comes from reading is that it strengthens the relationship between a child and their parent. It is easy to sit a child in front of the television or hand them a tablet, but reading requires real time that create bonding moments that cannot be replaced. Reading can also help with language development, visual learning and, in some cases, sensory development.

How to Start

Parents should have a collection of several books for the kids from the start. There are several great options out there to choose from. Parents can check out a local bookstore, supermarket or even second hand shop. For toddlers, board books are often the best option since they are harder to tear oReadingr damage. As the kids get older, books with paper pages can be introduced. Also for toddlers, look for books that are engaging but not overly long or complicated as those often do not hold a child’s attention. Other good things to look for are colorful pictures, interactive activities or books that come with music.

When to Read

Some children like books more than others but every child can benefit from them. Some parents will have no problem finding a time to read because their child will constantly be bringing books to their parent’s laps. Others kids prefer running as often as possible and may have a harder time standing still. In those cases, right before bed or after dinner may be better for reading since it is the time of the day for winding down. It can be a great tradition for parents to read a book to their child every night before bed. It is a wonderful bonding experience and also gives the kids something to look forward to when thinking about bedtime, which can assist parents with evening routines. Sometimes books can also be read in the mornings while the kids are getting ready to get dressed and picking out a hook-and-loop toddler belt.

What to Read

Reading IIThere are millions of children’s stories in the world but every child develops their favorites. Parents can keep their eyes and ears peeled while reading to their children to see what kind of things end up being their favorites. Once parents find out what their kids prefer, they can look for other books that include similar things. A child’s interests will change as they grow and their books can follow. Also, remember to purchase books with higher reading levels as the kids get older.

Even in a world filled with screens, real books still play an important role in a child’s life. Do not lose that moment. Gather the kids together and read a book!

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