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Raise a Responsible Toddler: Tips for Teaching Responsibility

Raise a Responsible Toddler: Tips for Teaching Responsibility
Responsible ToddlerWhen raising toddlers it is important to teach them responsibility early on. If children depend on their parents for everything it will follow them throughout their childhood and create individuals who are unable to think for themselves. Planting that seed of responsibility inside a toddler not only makes them well rounded when they are young, but also builds a foundation for responsibility throughout their entire lives.

There are several ways to encourage responsible habits in a young toddler.

Cleaning Up

It is very easy for a parent to decide to clean up all of the mess by themselves. Although it is less of a hassle for a parent to clean the toys up themselves, it is important to take the time to teach the kids how to clean up their own mess. After playtime, arts and crafts or meals, teach the kids how to help pick things up and wipe things down on their own. Try to make it fun by creating games or singing a song. If it is created as something the kids can enjoy, eventually they will clean up on their own without being told.

child buttoning shirtGetting Dressed

When kids are getting dressed or undressed try and let them take as much responsibility as possible. Teach them how to pull their head through a shirt or their legs through a pair of jeans. Purchase outfits and accessories, such as a hook and loop toddler belt, that will be easy to put on and take off so as the child will quickly learn how to dress themselves. Another great way to teach responsibility while getting dressed is to let them pick out their own outfit. The kids will love picking out their own clothes and will be dressing themselves in no time.

Caring for Pets

A fun option for teaching toddlers responsibility is purchasing a small pet that the kids can take care of. It is best to start with something small to minimize stress for the parents and make it easier for the kids to learn how to properly care for their pet. Goldfish, hamsters, lizards and turtles are all great options. Teach them how to feed their pet and, as they get older, clean out its cage. This will be a responsibility that grows with the child and teaches them how to care for another life.

Creating Values

Pinpoint a few extra activities that create a responsible lifestyle, such as recycling or volunteer work, and start instilling those values early on. Take the kids to volunteer at a pet shelter or teach them how to recycle. Try and make these activities fun as well as educational. While interacting with the kids during these activities, stress the value that they bring. These extra values will feel important to the child and will follow them into adulthood.

Responsibility is an important value to instill in any child. As they grow, a responsible lifestyle will create a positive outlook that they will carry with them for the rest of their life.

Do you have any tips on how to raise a responsible toddler?

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