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Packing the School Lunch

Packing the School Lunch
back to schoolFor younger children, starting school can be an adventure, but it can be hard for a them to feel like they have much control. Once all the back to school shopping is done, kids do not have much of a say in what happens with school. Their classes, schedules, homework and activities are more or less chosen for them. Parents can strive to look for ways to give their children some feeling of control in their day to day life during school. One great way to do that is to let the kids make their own lunch.

Offer Control while Controlling Options

No child should be allowed to pack their entire lunch on their own because, more than likely, it will consist entirely of candy and pizza. But parents can give their child a list of three options in each food group that they can choose from. That way, they feel like they are choosing their own lunch options on their own but still have a balanced meal. Once they have made their choices, have them pack up everything on their own inside their lunch box, bag or tote.

Create Food Together

Another way to help the kids create their own lunch is to have them make the food on their own as much as possible. Let them spread the peanut butter and jelly or help them cut their hot dog. This can teach the kids responsibility as well as offer opportunities for creativity.

Make It Fun

When making food with the kids, make it fun by adding a few twists. Let them cut their sandwiches with cookie cutters to make fun shapes, put food colorpreschool-eating-gallery-pack-a-bento-styled-lunching in their ranch dressing so they have green snacks or make a smiley face out of veggies.

Speaking of fun food, here are a few easy recipes to make with the kids!


All it takes is a tortilla and the kid's favorite sandwich toppings. Lay a tortilla flat and add meat, sauces, vegetables or cheese. Try to keep it to one or two sauces with three other items so the sandwich is not overstuffed. Once everything is spread across the tortilla, roll it up starting at one end. Once it's rolled up, use a knife to slice inch-long slices out of the tortilla roll. Now the kids have tiny spindle sandwiches that taste great!

Bagel Pizzas:

635690180148086073-Papa-Murphy-sFor kids, a mini pizza is a lot cooler than leftover slices. A great way to make them at home is using bagels. Parents can use regular bagels or mini bagels depending on their preference. Have the kids spread some sauce on each bagel and sprinkle on some cheese. Then they can add whatever toppings they like best. Bake them in the oven at 350 degrees until the cheese is melted. Wrap them up in tin foil so they will still be warm at lunchtime and let the kids enjoy!

Lunch is one of every child's favorite classes in school, so make it one of the best and let lunch their lunch be one of a kind!

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