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Outsmart Those Stains

Outsmart Those Stains

Stained ClothingBeing a toddler is a messy job and cleaning up after them is even messier. Eventually, every parent has to face the simple fact that their children's clothing is going to get messy. But they do not have to accept a stain on every article of clothing. There are several ways to prevent stained clothing without having to put the kids in a plastic bubble.


Provide Play Clothes


It will not always prevent stain-filled accidents, but it is a good idea for parents to invest in good, durable play clothes. If the kids are going into a situation where stains are more likely, such as playing outside or doing arts and crafts, having play clothes set aside can make a huge difference. This reduces the risk of nicer clothing items getting stained or ruined. Good play clothing options are durable jeans, plain t-shirts, sneakers and a good toddler belt.


Break Out the Bleach


White clothing is a mom's number one enemy. Bleach can whiten those clothing items and, often, remove stains. Parents should keep a close eye on the kids when it comes to bleach. Several kids have no problems, but sometimes bleach can cause allergic reactions within children. If it seems like it is irritating their skin or causing any other problems, do not use it. Another option in place of bleach is Baby Oxyclean.


Spray Before Washing


If a stain has found its way onto some of the kids clothing, make sure to take care of it before putting it in the washing machine. Using a good stain remover can help a lot when it comes to those tough stains. Sometimes a trip through the washing machine just is not enough. Spray the stain down with baby-safe stain remover and scrub it with an old brush. Often, that will take care of most problems.


Stained children clothingDo Not Dry Until They are Gone


If a clothing item has a stain, putting it into the dryer is the best way to make sure it stays there forever. After taking the clothes out of the washing machine, look at the area that has the stain to make sure it came out in the washing machine. If it is still there, try another round of stain remover and a second trip through the wash rather than putting it through the dryer.


Cold Water is Best


Warm or hot water often assists a stain with getting settled. Cold water is the best option for removing stains, especially when it comes to blood. Set the washing machine to cold or for really tough stains try to wash the clothing by hand with stain remover, soap and ice water. Using cold water also prevents the risk of any clothes shrinking in the wash.


Taking a few precautions on a stained clothing item is often all it takes to make the stain go away. But remember, stains are not the end of the world. If they no not come out, just use the clothing for paint clothes or play clothes.

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