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Make It Festive!

Make It Festive!

No child goes into a paint store and chooses the grays, browns or blacks. They choose the brightest, boldest color they can find. Rather than painting the house in cotton candy pink, parents can feed their children's desire for bright colors in other ways. One of the best areas to offer bright colors is in their wardrobe.


Go Color Shopping


Since kids are drawn more to color than fashion, let them choose their clothing based on the colors they like rather than the designs. Parents can combine their own fashion knowledge with their children's desired colors and come out with outfits that everyone will love. While shopping, have the kids keep a sharp eye open for colors that they like. Each child should look for five colorful items and choose two or three to take home.


Practice Color Coordination


Using a lot of color in clothing is a great way to teach kids about colors as well as color coordination. Before putting on their clothes in the morning, parents can have the kids say what color they are putting on, what other colors look good with that color and what combinations they can make. If children go through that process every morning they can learn their colors quickly and efficiently.


colorful childrens clothingObtain Color Variety


Learning color coordination can be combined with using a variety of clothing items and accessories. Having a colored shirt is one thing, but throwing in brightly colored hats, shoes and toddler belts is a great way to add a little extra splash of color to the mix. Let the kids match up their outfits and accessories as a way to further learn good color coordination.


Play the Matching Game


Parents can use articles of clothing and other colored items to create a color matching game. Have the kids put everything that is blue into one pile, everything that is green into another and continue until there are no colors left. This is a great way to learn a lot of different colors with a lot of different items.


Divide and Conquer


Another idea for parents is to color coordinate their children's closets and drawers. That way, as the kids get older and start learning to pick up their own things, they can look for the right colored area while putting away their clothes. Write out the color while also making a visual so the kids can learn both the color and the word. Parents can use this method to make cleaning fun as well as learn good color skills.


Go with the Seasons


With summer just around the corner, bright colors are the way to go. As the seasons change, change the colors to match. By having seasonal colors within a wardrobe, parents can use clothing to not only learn about colors but to learn about the changing seasons as well.


A child's eye is drawn to color for a reason. Colors are fun, bright and noticeable, just like children. Let the kids reach for color in their life by letting them wear it.

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