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Let’s Do Something Nice!

Let’s Do Something Nice!

child givingAt the end of the day, the most important thing that a parent can teach their child is how to be kind. Establishing habits at an early age that involve caring for others and performing random acts of kindness will set a foundation that will follow a child through the rest of their life.


Sharing Treats


A great way to teach younger children how to be kind to their friends is to teach them how to share. One way to help them combine the act of sharing with giving is to help them make some special treats for their friends. If a parent has a child in school, they can talk to the teacher about bringing some treats for the whole class. Parents can help their kids bake some cookies or any other kind of tasty treats that the kids can bring for the other kids at school. Talk to the teacher about letting their child pass out the treats themselves so they can be actively involved in sharing what they brought.


Gifts for the Needy


Another activity parents can help their children with is helping those who are less fortunate. There are a lot of opprotunities for volunteering at shelters, hospitals or nursing homes. Sometimes just one friendly smile from a child can make a huge difference for those who are in need. Have the kids make some cards or other crafts to hand out while visiting a nursing home or purchase some small toys for children who have been checked into the hospital. Parents can talk to owners, directors, nurses or managers about who might like a visit from a happy toddler and get information about any individuals that the kids can come to see. Taking some time out of the week to just sit and talk with other people who really need it is a huge lesson in kindness that can make a difference, not only to the kids, but to the people they are talking to as well.


child petCaring for a Pet


A parent should want to teach their children not only to be kind to other people, but to animals as well. So, if they are up for the challenege, buying a family pet can be a great way to teach a lesson. If a child is responsible for something that is smaller than they are, they have to learn how to be gentle. By teaching them to hold a pet gently, pet them softly and handle them carefully, they will obtain a gentle attitude towards other living things around them as well. This can also be a great way to teach responsibility. If a child cannot be kind to an animal, odds are they will not be able to show kindness towards people. So by starting with animals, they can begin walking the path towards being kind to everyone they meet.


When teaching these lessons, talk with the kids about being kind to people no matter what they look like. Whether they see someone with a different skin color, someone with glasses, someone who talks different or someone who is shy, they should always show kindness. Once they know that, everything else will follow.

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