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Let’s Decorate with Paint!

Let’s Decorate with Paint!

children paintingOne of the best ways for parents to interact with their children is by creating hands on activities that they can enjoy together. One of the more popular options is arts and crafts. Not only do arts and crafts give children the opportunity to do something hands on, but they also help boost creativity.


When it comes to arts and crafts, the messier the better. That is why one of the best choices is paint!


Create a Messy Zone


Before starting on any painting activities, parents should create a “messy zone” where the paint has to stay. Areas such as the kitchen table covered with newspaper, outside on the patio or driveway, or on the kitchen floor are ideal for painting. Also, make sure the kids are dressed in painting clothes or aprons that can get stained. It is also good to secure clothing with a good toddler belt.


Wall-Worthy Art


Once the messy zone is set, help the kids make their own pictures to hang on the wall in their room. Squirt small bits of different colored paint on paper plates and let the kids create their masterpiece. They can use brushes, sponges, stamps or their fingers. Always be there to supervise and make sure no paint goes in little mouths, but let the kids create their own picture as much as possible. Once the pictures are painted and dried, parents can help their kids cover the walls of their room.


Print Painting


Child PaintingAnother painting option kids love is print painting. This will have to be done on the kitchen floor or outside on the driveway or patio. Purchase some large rolls of paper to spread out on the floor like a pathway. At one end, put bowls of colored paint, at the other end, put a bowl of clean water. Let the kids dip their feet into the paint, walk across the paper and then rinse off their feet at the end. After that, they can dip their hands in the paint to make hand prints. They can also write or draw pictures with their fingers as well. Once their project is complete, they will have a whole sheet of foot personal artwork to hang across the wall.


Wall Painting


No child should ever get into the habit of writing or painting on the walls. But, it is sometimes nice for a child to have a “free wall” in their room that they can paint however they want. Parents can lay newspaper down on the floor, give their kids some paint and brushes, and let them paint whatever they want. Make sure that the kids know that their free wall is the only wall they are allowed to paint. If they disobey, the privilege should be taken away. Over the years, parents can help their kids paint over previous creations so they can paint new ones as they get older.


Painting with the kids can be an inspiration for creativity, artistic talented and independent thinking. So, grab some brushes, break out the paper, pour the paint and get started.

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