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You Name It! Label Clothing

You Name It! Label Clothing

children labeling clothesEvery parent has a similar story, the kids go to a sleepover or off to camp and come back with missing clothes, or worse, with clothes that are not theirs. With all the fun and playing that children have to do, the last thing on their mind is keeping track of their clothes. In order to reduce the amount of calls parents have to make in search of their child's missing clothing, a great way to keep things organized is to label clothing.


Be Aware


Young children tend to not care so much if they have a giant sparkly letter on the front of their shirt indicating that it is theirs, but as children get older, it can be a little more embarrassing. If the kids have a hard time keeping track of their clothing, then labeling may be needed, but parents should be aware of the age of their child before choosing what kind of labeling they want to use.


Marker Labels


The most basic way to label clothing is to use a permanent marker and write a name or letter on the tags of various clothing items. This way, children can make sure they are packing their own clothes in their bag and not someone else's. The problem with marker labeling is, if another child has the same name, clothing can still be mixed up. Since there is only so much room to write on a tag, it can be hard to be more detailed. Also, there are clothing items that do not have tags and writing on tags often fades over time.


Visible Labels


If the kids are still at the age that having their name across their shirt is cool, parents can often use iron-on lettering in order to label clothing. labeling childrens clothesThis can work great on t-shirts, jeans, skirts and shorts. Iron-on lettering also comes in various shapes, which makes it easy to put them anywhere. If parents are handy with a sewing machine, they can also sew a label onto their children's clothes, rather than spending money on multiple iron-on letters. The problem with this kind of labeling is parents may not want to iron a letter onto some of their children's nicer clothing items.


Non-Damaging Labels


Parents often do not want to put a permanent, or possibly damaging, label on their children's clothing just in case they want to use them for future children or sell them in consignment shops. There are also accessories, such as hook and loop toddler belts, that do not work very well with markers or irons. Parents can often fix this problem with some colorful string or ribbon. If a child is leaving for a friend's house or going off to camp, parents can tie a colored piece of string or ribbon onto the belt loops of their children's pants or on a belt buckle. This method does not work as well with things such as t-shirts or underpants, but it does protect from permanent labeling.


Parents should not have to keep track of clothing for their kids

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