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It’s Turkey Time!

It’s Turkey Time!

Thanksgiving II Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be with the family. There is nothing better than seeing all the loved ones together while enjoying endless turkey and pie. It is easy for young children to understand that they get good food and get to see their out of town relatives, but it is not always easy to understand why. This year for Thanksgiving, make sure the kids know why this special day really exists.

Start at the Beginning

As a family, it is a good idea to start a Thanksgiving feast by telling the story of the very first Thanksgiving. Explain to the kids that, even though they were so different from one another, both the native Indian people and the pilgrims came together for a wonderful meal to give thanks. Parents can link that story to their own children's lives today. Help them understand that even people who are really different can celebrate with others and enjoy being thankful.Thanksgiving

Explain Thankfulness

The best tradition to start with the family is to go around the table before eating anything and have everyone say one thing that they are thankful for. This will help the kids to understand what being thankful really means. Parents can also explain to their children that being thankful means caring about the things that they love the most, like family, as well as things that keep them safe, like a home. They can also be thankful for things that make them happy, like a new toy. Help them think of some things to be thankful for so that, on Thanksgiving, they are ready to speak when it is their turn around the table.


Helping and Caring

Another way to teach the kids about being thankful is to have them help in some way. Whether it is helping a parent with the cooking or cleaning, helping relatives from out of town with unpacking their suitcases or even helping to set the table before dinner. Offering to help out can be a great way for the kids to show appreciation for everything their parents do on Thanksgiving day. Kids


Let the Good Times Roll

To get the holiday spirit rolling, here is a fun craft to do with the kids:


Hand-Print Turkeys

Have the kids dip their hands in brown paint and put a hand-print on some white paper to make a Thanksgiving turkey. Once the paint is dry, they can paint the first four fingers orange and yellow to make the tail and add an orange beak and an eye to the thumb for the turkey's head. Make it even more fun and paint a little pilgrim's hat on the head or add some feathers to the tail. To finish it off, paint some legs at the bottom so the kid's turkey can run fast and will not get eaten!


Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year for family. This year, both parents and children can spend this Thanksgiving being truly thankful for everyone who is a part of theirs.

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