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It’s Ho, Ho, Ho Time!

It’s Ho, Ho, Ho Time!

Christmas IIThe tree is lit, the stockings are stuffed, cookies are baking in the oven and Christmas is on its way! As parents enter this time of year when families come together, they can gather the kids with some gingerbread and hot cocoa to talk about the true reason for this holiday season.

Discuss the Reason for the Season

It is always a lot of fun for kids to think about their letters to Santa, talk about what they want and see lots of presents under the tree, but that is only half of the holiday. It is important that parents teach their kids about the joys of giving as well as receiving. Joys from the heartParents should talk to their kids about the real magic of Christmas, which comes from the generosity inside every heart. Once the kids understand the magic behind what giving can mean, they can be just as excited about giving gifts as they are about getting them.

The Fun in Giving

Get the kids excited about giving this season! Have them bake cookies for the local fire department, their teachers at school, senior citizens at a nursing home or patients in the hospital. Try and have them give in some way to people besides family so they can experience helping others in need, even when they do not know them. Other waysCookies to give are to adopt a family, help out at the Salvation Army or send a care package to a soldier abroad. It can be exciting for a child to feel like they are making a difference and parents can make it a tradition in their home to help someone outside of family every year.

Celebrate with Family!

The kids can also enjoy giving to their family. Help the kids pick out their own gifts for parents, siblings and grandparents. They can also help to wrap the presents in order to gain more pride in what they give. Another way the kids can help with giving is to participate in holiday traditions. Some classics include letters or cookies for Santa, reading the Christmas Story, Elf on the Shelf or watching a classic Christmas movie. Families can also make up their own unique traditions that are special to only their family. Traditions can last a lifetime and it always means a lot for children to have them to share with the family.

Christmas Morning!

Once Christmas morning arrives, help the kids to share in giving by appreciating what others receive. Rather than letting the kids dive in to find their presents, have each family member open one gift at a time. This way, everyone around the tree can be just as excited about another family member'sTree gift as they are about their own. One way to get the kids involved is to let them pass out the gifts one by one. That way, they have an important job that will help them with being patient.

Christmas is the best time for giving as a family. Help the kids find joy in giving this holiday season and receive the very best gift of all, the gift of generosity.


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