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Independence Day Spirit: Children’s Themed Outfits

Independence Day Spirit: Children’s Themed Outfits

Independence Day is one of the most loved holidays for themed outfits for the kids. Not only do the parents love seeing them looking so cute, but the kids love dressing up and feeling like they are sharing in something extra special for the holiday.


Coming up with cute independence day outfits for kids is a snap with a few basic ideas to keep in mind.


Red, White and Blue


For Independence Day the color combination choices are pretty simple, just stick with red, white and blue. Try to come up with something a little more original than blue pants with a red shirt. American Flag patterned outfits are always a great choice as well as shirts sporting sparkly fireworks, color themed ribbons or light up pins. Create a color combination that is fun and shows holiday spirit.


Little Girl Frills


Coming up with creative outfits is sometimes a little more fun with the girls. When coming up with an Independence Day outfit for a little girl, do not forget the frill. Create a fun, poofy ballet skirt with glitter or beads. Use red, white and blue tulle to create a fun outfit that will also be cool in the hot sun.


Little Boy Tough


When coming up with outfit combinations for the boys do not go too crazy with the ribbons and glitter. A simple American flag t-shirt or overalls will be just as cute. Add a matching baseball cap and he is good to go.




Independence Day accessories are one of the best parts for creative parents and kids. Light up pins are a great choice for both girls and boys. Girls will love long ribbons and sparkles in their hair and cheeks. Another great accessory is a red, white or blue belt to add a little extra pop of color while also keeping the pants secure. A hook and loop toddler belt is a great option for a busy Fourth of July bash. Lastly, do not forget some color themed sunglasses on a hot Independence Day.


Add a Little Fun


When taking the kids to an Independence Day festival, carnival or fair, do not forget to invest in a little something extra and fun for the kid’s outfits. Stands sell countless accessories, princess crowns, twirly fans and glow sticks. Let the kids each pick out something special to go with their outfit, or even just a special toy, to remember the day. Also, kids love face painting which is another great way to make their day and add a little extra to their Independence Day spirit.


Share the Decisions


When deciding what kind of outfit combination to buy, or make, involve the kids as much as possible. Let them choose from a few options of patterns, designs and combinations. They will feel all the more special if they picked out their outfit themselves and get to show it off at the Independence Day carnival all on their own.


Independence Day is a great way to show off some summer fun and style. Make the most of the day for the kids by first making them feel like a star.


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