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Hot Kid’s Summer Fashion Trends

Hot Kid’s Summer Fashion Trends

Child Summer FashionIt is time to pack up the tiny sweaters and zip up the winter toddler coats because summer is here. Summer is a huge time to make a statement with a toddler’s summer fashion. Instead of dragging out old musty t-shirts, check out the new summer fashion trends rolling out this summer.


This summer give a little girl the gift of flair. Shirts tied at the side and capris with frills at the bottom are making their way into several summer closets. Lacy fabric under bright sundresses and layered skirts give every little girl a fun outfit to twirl into summer. In fact, Amazon.com has a great selection of cute summer dresses.

Bold Pictures

T-shirts, tank tops and light hoodies with a bold statement are both fashionable and fun. Pick pictures that are cute but not embarrassing for a child. No kittens and unicorns. Try bright flowers, butterflies or superhero symbols. Bold does not mean overbearing. Simple pictures are sometimes the best. A child is not a collage painting so stay away from pictures with too much detail.

boy summer fashionBright Colors

Summer is the time to break out the bright and bold. Stay away from dark greens, browns and grays. Summer is the time for pinks, yellows, blues and bright greens. Sunshine should not only be on the sky but on the child as well.


Patterns do not mean something that will make people dizzy if they look too long. Small flower patterns and light colored stripes are always good choices. Choose stripes that only use two or three colors so as not to make it too overbearing. If paired with stripes that are neutral, sometimes a printed picture overtop is a great choice as well. With flowers, choose an item with small delicate flower designs and no giant chunky flowers. Patterns are best paired with solid colors, never pair a pattern over another pattern.


Let the kids go crazy and choose fun accessories. Sun hats and bows are a lot of fun for little girls. Boys will feel pretty cool sporting a baseball cap just like their dad’s for the sports games. A hook and loop belt will add color and easy access for the kids and every kid loves to have their own pair of sunglasses. Bright colored cat eye or round sunglasses are in for little girls and boys will look adorable in a tiny pair of aviators.


Both bright colors and neutrals work in the shoe department. If more color is needed to spice up an outfit, go for something bright. If the outfit is sporting a brightness all its own, choose a neutral shoe to keep it under control. Strappy jelly sandals are the choice for something fun and easy. Flats and slip on tennis shoes are great choices for style and comfort. These shoes are easy for parents and kids and come in a variety of colors and designs.

Summer is the time for color, bold statements and lots of smiles. Choose the right summer fashion statements for the kids and the smiles will follow.

What summer fashion trends are your little ones sportin'?

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