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Ways to Use a Belt with Your Toddler’s Dresses and Skirts

Ways to Use a Belt with Your Toddler’s Dresses and Skirts

Outdoor portrait of a beautiful little girl in colorful jacket, holding red heartWhether it is a bow, a ribbon or a bracelet, little girls want to feel like they have a special accessory to show off to the world. Not only do final accessories bring girls their desired bling, but they also grant completion to an outfit. A great way for parents to finish off their daughter’s outfit, while also giving her that special accessory, is to add a belt.

Belts are not often thought of as a feminine choice, but by adding a belt to a dress or a skirt it quickly becomes the perfect touch for little girl charm.

Belt Style

The best choice for children’s belts is a hook and loop toddler belt. These not only give a finishing touch but also grant the opportunity for a toddler to learn how to buckle a belt. The design of a hook and loop toddler belt is an easy puzzle to solve that will launch a child’s independent actions as they learn to start dressing on their own.

Simple Skirts

When a girl is wearing a simple skirt there are two styling choices. One option is to secure the belt tightly at the top of the skirt, giving it a sophisticated clean cut look. The other option is to let it hang a little to the side. Hook the belt a little looser but not loose enough to fall down. This way the belt will hang down by the hip on one side giving a more fun trendy look. This also works with simple fun dresses. Add to the child’s independent actions by letting her choose which look she would rather have. Another deciding factor is what kind of skirt the child chooses and which belt style will fit best with her choice.

Beautiful little girl isolated on white

Dressy Dresses

When a child is getting more dressed up, a high waisted belt is the way to go. Secure the belt around the upper waist or right underneath the chest. This is a classier belt style and will add a perfect final touch to Sunday’s outfit. Remember to let the child hook the belt on their own as much as possible. A little girl loves to dress up, so make her feel proud of her outfit choice and do not forget to tell her she is beautiful.

Belt Bonding

Ways to use a belt is only half of the equation. The kind of belt purchased is the other half. Take a day for a mother daughter shopping trip and let the child pick out a new dress or skirt and top as well as a few accessories. Let her pick out her very own hook and loop toddler belt along with a new necklace, hair bow and shoes. She will be so excited to learn how to wear her new outfit when she picked it out all on her own.

A parent should always strive to make their little girl feel special. Dressing up and being told how beautiful she is will grant her wish for that desire. Find an outfit with all the fixings just for her and she is sure to feel like a princess.

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