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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
love-ea33b50b2d_640Valentine's Day has gone down in history as the day for last minute flower bouquets, the time of year when the stores are overrun with heart-shaped balloons and a good day for chocolate companies, at least that is what the pessimists say. The real believers will say that Valentine's Day has gone down in history as the day to celebrate love, and not just romantic love, but love of all kinds. This Valentine's Day description is the one to share with the kids, the one to help them celebrate, although a little chocolate never hurt anyone so go ahead and boost the companies while sharing the love!

Explain All Kinds of Love

When celebrating Valentine's Day with the kids, parents can help them child-e833b50b21_640understand by explaining the various ways their kids can love. They can talk about the kind of love between Mommy and Daddy, which involves lots of hugs, kisses and roses, but even more important for a child is the ways in which they can love! Parents can talk about the love a child has for their family, their parents, siblings, grandparents or even pets. They can also explain the love a child can have for friends or teachers. Ask the kids to name all the people (or animals!) they love and let them write the names on a large poster that they can hang on the wall for the holiday festivities.

Giving Gifts through Love

A great way to help the kids show love is to give gifts from the heart. This does not have to be expensive, some of the best gifts are homemade. Help the kids make Valentine's Day crafts for the class party or homemade hand-print cards for their grandparents. If a child can make something from the heart they can truly understand what it means to give a gift through love.

Enjoy the Day!

Sometimes it can be hard for young children to fully comprehend what it means to love someone, but that is OK. Let the kids have fun with the day and feel love in their own way. Throw a party where the kids dress up in their best red or pink Valentine's Day getup, complete with a festive hook-and-loop toddler belt. Kids can enjoy their valentine cards, candy, games and friends while celebrating a love that they may not understand, but can certainly feel.

To get things started, here are a few craft ideas!

Love Bugs:

This one involves some heart-shaped stickers, large pom poms and some googly eyes. Let the kids choose a sticker and place one large pom pom on top of the sticker. Once that is done, turn the pom pom over so the sticker is on the bottom and then glue two googly eyes on the top and poof! Each child has their own fuzzy love bug.

Another fun option is to cut out a ton of paper hearts, gather up tons of stickers and glitter and let the kids create their own cards. Happy Valentine's Day, grab the kids and share the love!

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