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Getting Your Kids Moving: Fun Toddler Fitness Activities

Getting Your Kids Moving: Fun Toddler Fitness Activities

Getting the kids moving is an important daily activity for both mom and toddler. Kids should have an active play time at least twice a day to obtain exercise and overall movement skills. Not only does it benefit a child to stay active, but it also benefits mom’s health and lowers stress levels for everyone involved.


There are several toddler fitness activities both indoor and outdoor that can get the kids up and moving during any kind of weather.


Happy blonde toddler girl having fun dancing indoorsDancing


A great indoor exercise activity is dancing. Play some fun music, get up and let the kids dance their socks off. Grab their hands and teach them special moves or just let them go crazy on their own. Some kids will be a little shyer about dancing and may need a little help from mom. Help them let loose, jump and twirl for fun exercise time.


Take a Walk


For a cool morning or evening activity, take the kids on a walk. Try not to use a stroller or wagon so the kids will get the exercise they need. Let them explore on the way to make it more fun but always keep a close eye to keep them out of the street. Little girls might like to bring along a baby doll and stroller or little boys might like to take their wagon to collect rocks and special treasures.


Elegant child girl walking on a rainy dayRainy Day Puddles


Do not shut the kids inside on every rainy day. As long as thunderstorms are not predicted, help the kids into their boots and raincoats to take a walk in the rain. Let them jump up and down in the puddles to get plenty of exercise and fresh air on those rainy afternoons.



During a hot summer day, fill up the kiddie pool for some water activities. Try to make up games that involve physical action inside the water. Create lots of jumping, paddling and splashing opportunities that will be both refreshing and active for the kids.


Chasing Games


Run around the house or the backyard with the kids in a game of chase. Once they have been caught, lift them up high into the air to work on arm strength for mommy exercise. The kids will have lots of fun running and will also acquire plenty of leg exercise.


Morning Stretches


Make stretching a part of the morning routine. Play some fun music and make a game out of stretching with the kids. Do touch your toes, reach for the sky and other simple varieties of stretches. Try and make it feel like a game more than a chore and the kids will love their morning stretch time.


Marching Band

Get out all the musical instruments and make a marching band. Teach the kids how to march with their legs up high and play their instruments while strutting around the house. Practice during the day to put on a show for Daddy. The kids will love the combination and movement and play.


Getting active with the kids can be easy if done correctly. Kids active levels are always present and planned activities throughout the day help keep active levels balanced and stress levels down.


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