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Fun and Safe

Fun and Safe

Baby Proofing your HomeOnce someone becomes a parent to a toddler, they learn all too soon how many hazardous materials there are in the world. While most individuals focus primarily on “baby-proofing” their house, they sometimes forget that even their child's toys can be potentially harmful.


In order to make playtime a safe time, there are several things that parents should look out for when it comes to the toys they give to their children.


Little Pieces


Little pieces are the biggest enemies to young children who want nothing more than to put everything into their mouth. Several toys come with attached wheels, buttons, and googly eyes that can become huge choking hazards. Rather than buying toys with small buttons or stuffed animals with plastic eyes and noses, look for larger buttons that cannot be swallowed or animals with sewed-on faces. Another thing to look out for is trucks or cars with large wheels and no screws keeping things attached.


Chewable Extras


Several children's books are made from cardboard and paper items. Those books often go into a toddlers mouth more than they are read and eventually, that paper gets soggy. Once a toddler gets soggy book pages in their mouth, they often swallow what they find. Try and find laminated books that do not fall apart when they get wet. Also, steer clear of books with actual pages while the kids are still young.


Transformed Choking Hazards


Some things, such as balloons, buckets or dress-up clothes are never seen as being potentially dangerous. However, these objects can easily transform into choking hazards and should only be played with with parent supervision. Balloons, if popped, can easily be swallowed by a curious toddler. Buckets can get stuck on a child's head, causing suffocation. Also, if the bucket has a handle, it can easily get wrapped around small necks. Dress-up clothes often come with ties, buttons or zippers, which can turn into choking hazards.


Homemade Hazards


crawling babySeveral popular homemade toys can be hazardous if not handled correctly. Anything containing liquids should be sealed tightly. If bottles are being used, use wax inside the lid in order to seal away any risks of leaks. Also, anything involving markers, crayons or paint should be closely supervised by parents in order to guard against anything be eaten. Try and purchase child-safety paint that will not cause physical harm if consumed.


Playtime Clothing


Kids love to run around and play. Not having the proper clothing while playing can be just as big a threat as unsafe toys. Make sure the kids are not wearing baggy clothing that could easily be tripped over or shirts that are too big and easily tangled. Keep bottoms secure with toddler belts, fastened with hook and loops, in order to avoid any choking hazards. It is best to set aside play clothes that can get dirty, torn or stained without any worries.


Playtime can be the best time of the day for both parents and children. Make sure it is both fun and safe for everyone involved by taking the proper precautions and making playtime something to remember.

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