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Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter Egg Hunt!

easter childrenEaster is just around the corner and it is time for parents to put together that all important Easter egg hunt! Kids all over the country look forward to hunting for those colorful eggs and tasty candies. There are several ways to put together an Easter egg hunt to make it fun for everyone involved and create a holiday to remember.


Be Prepared


Before starting an Easter egg hunt, parents should make sure their children are properly prepared. Make sure there are plenty of baskets or buckets to collect a lot of eggs. It is also important to get the kids dressed in the right attire. While the kids may look cute in their Easter Sunday clothes, eggs could be hiding in the brushes or down in the dirt, so make sure they are wearing play-friendly clothing. Another good option is an Easter-colored toddler belt, to keep pants, skirts or shorts secure during an active search.


The Plastic Easter Egg Hunt


A lot of parents prefer plastic eggs for their children's Easter egg hunt. Fill the eggs with their favorite candies and hide them all over the yard. Keep in mind the height difference and make sure to hide the treats where little hands can reach them.


The Real Egg Hunt


Another great Easter tradition for kids is dying eggs. While real eggs can be more fragile, some kids enjoy making their own eggs for the hunt. Help the kids dye a couple dozen eggs the day before, then hide them on Easter for the hunt. After the kids find all their eggs, reward them with a basket full of candy.


Color Coordination


Parents with more than one child often run into the problem of one sibling getting more eggs than the other. A good way to solve this problem is by using color coordinated eggs and baskets. This is also a great game if little cousins have come over for the holidays. Give each child their own colored bucket and tell them to search for the eggs with the same color. That way, parents can make sure that there is the same amount for everyone.


Easter Basket ChildrenEaster Basket Fun


In order to make the hunt even more exciting for the kids, help them decorate their own Easter basket. Parents can purchase ribbons, stickers, glitter, stuffed bunnies and Easter grass to help decorate. Each child can decorate their own unique basket for the hunt and fill it to the top with candy. Another great option for parents is to decorate the baskets themselves and surprise their kids in the morning.


Egg Goodies


The main thing parents put inside Easter eggs and baskets is candy, but there are several other goodies kids can enjoy as well. Several stores sell Easter bunny figurines and stuffed animals. Parents can also purchase play jewelry for little girls, small cars for boys, coloring books, crayons, balls and several other small toys.


While kids may believe in the Easter bunny, parents know that the true responsibility for a happy Easter lies with them. So, make it one the kids will remember!

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