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durable toddler clothesOnce toddlers learn how to move, there is no stopping them, they run, jump, climb, crawl and roll until they are too tired to go on. There is nothing wrong with a child having an outside rough and tumbled playtime, however, clothing should not have to suffer because of it. Parents do not have to ban rough play, but rather provide clothing that can take it on at full speed.


Teach the Right Kind of Play


Before going shopping for durable clothing and children's accessories, parents should explain what “rough play” really means. They should make sure their child understands that it is okay to roll around in the grass, climb trees or run around the yard, as long as it is not hurting others or causing any damage. Have a serious talk with the children so they understand that throwing rocks, punching, hitting and breaking things is not acceptable “rough play” and also that that kind of play is made for outside, not in the house. Once that is understood, they can be free to go about their playtime.


Reduce Cuts, Scraps and Bruises


If the kids are going to be exploring the woods, rolling around or running outside, the best thing a parent can do is buy them durable jeans. Look for jeans with think denim that can be stained without any worries. This will reduce scraped knees and cuts on the legs. Also, buy jeans that are not too fitted, so the kids have lots of room to move around.

 durable toddler clothes

Heavy Duty Footwear


If a child is going to be running, tumbling or climbing, make sure they are wearing closed toe shoes. This will reduce the risk of stubbed or bloodied toes. Also, look for shoes that are heavy duty and are made for rough play. Even with hiking boots, children's style can still come shining through, so do not worry about shoes looking ugly or unfashionable.


Proper Accessories


Children's accessories should always be taken into account when shopping for durable clothing. Toddler belts and baby belts help keep pants in place during a rougher playtime. Also, make sure to choose belts that are tough and durable so they will last throughout several of a young child's playtimes.


Protect the Noggin


Hair can be one of the most dangerous things during rough play. It can get caught, pulled and sometimes tangled so much that it can damage the scalp. Protect the kids little noggins by having them wear hats or pulling back their hair to protect against it becoming stuck.


Have Official Clothing


Parents should never send their kids out to play in clothing that they do not want stained or damaged. Kids can roll and tumble their clothing into oblivion, so make sure to have official play clothes. These clothes should be durable but also able to be put through scrapes, falls, crawls and climbs.

It may seem like durable clothing can ruin children's fashion, but the kids can still be stylish while also being durable. Save the frilly clothing for special occasions and provide the kids with clothing and accessories that they can really get down and dirty in.

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