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Do Not Forget to Accessorize!

Do Not Forget to Accessorize!

The very best windows into a child's creativity and imagination are within the small things. Glitter added to a picture, glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to the ceiling or stylish accessories added to an outfit. Accessories are a child's opportunity to put their own spin on their outfits and create their own personal style. Not only does it boost a child's creativity and independence, but it also creates self-assurance and confidence.


Go Crazy


Little girl Dressed at PrincessYoung toddlers are just beginning to open up their creative minds. The worst thing a parent can do is crush that creativity. The kids might look a little silly, but let them choose their own accessories, even if it means a daughter with 15 necklaces on. Eventually, they will establish a more toned-down style, but it will be one that they created from the craziness.


Teach Confidence


Parents should strive to teach their children about how to accessorize. Take them shopping for jewelry, baseball caps, bows, or toddler belts and let them stretch their imagination. Also, establish a confidence within the child by praising their choices and telling them how good they look. If they know that they can make their own decisions with their style, it will promote that personal confidence.


Broaden the Mind


Choosing accessories is the perfect opportunity for parents to broaden their children's imagination. Take them shopping and let them make their own choices about what kind of accessories they want, what style and what color. Teach them how to put things together and watch as the creativity unfolds. Another great way to feed a child's imagination is to put on a fashion show with all sorts of outfits and accessories.


Pretty Little Toddler Sitting in FlowersHead Accessories


Little girls will always have more choices for accessories than boys, but there are choices for everyone. For little girls, hair bows, clips, hats or flowers are all great choices. For little boys, baseball caps, bandanas or sweat bands are a great way to go.


Neck Accessories


Little girls love necklaces, there is no denying that. Plastic kids jewelry is great for girls and moms can also let them try on their jewelry for fun as well. Add some bracelets and clip on earrings and make a tea party for the girls to enjoy. Little boys will lean more towards ties, bow ties or maybe even a chain necklace with a little bling.


Waist Accessories


The best accessory to complete an outfit is a stylish hook and loop toddler belt. Let the kids decide what color or pattern they want to add to their outfit. Also, a hook and loop toddler belt will teach the children independence as they learn how to buckle their belt all on their own.


As toddlers grow older, their desire to be creative grows as well. Accessorizing an outfit is one way to feed a child's creative mind while also teaching important lessons. It is a win win for both parents as well as children and, at the end of the day, the kids will look great!

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