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Developing Personal Style with Your Kids

Developing Personal Style with Your Kids

Happy young mother and her  toddler daughter enjoying shoppingAs children grow older, their desire to make their own decisions will start to become more dominant. Children find joy in creating or deciding something all by themselves and feel proud in their success. Beginning this creative process with children is very important for developing personal style with your kids.


A great way for a parent to start developing and encouraging a decision making process is to help their children create their own personal style.


Going Shopping


When a child starts to reach the age where they want to make their own decisions, a parent should take them along on any new clothes shopping excursions. Let them pick out their own outfits and individual clothing pieces. Also, help make outfit combinations in order to encourage their choices and creative process.


Arranging Outfits


With new and old clothes, it is good for the parent to start letting the kids arrange their own outfit choices. Let them pick out bottoms and tops that they like best as well as accessories. Accessory items, such as toddler belts, are a great way to present various options. Give the kids a couple of different colored or patterned belts to choose from and let them add that finishing touch to their outfit. Do not worry if things do not match as it is all part of the creative process that they need to figure out on their own.


Learning Choices


In order for a child to learn how to make their own choices for their style, the parent should teach their child the proper skills as they learn. One of the best ways to do this is to let a child get dressed on their own after picking out their outfit. Simple items, such as a hook and loop toddler belt, help tremendously when a child is just starting to dress on their own. Also, in order for a child to learn the best skills for properly creating their own style, the parent should make a concentrated effort to teach color skills and matching techniques without taking control out of the child’s hands. The farther a child gets using these skills the better they will be at putting together their own outfits.


Concentrated girl drawing a pictureDrawing Pictures


Another way to encourage a child’s creative style is to let them create an outfit that cannot be bought. Bring out some crayons and paper to let them draw their very own original outfit design. If the parent is handy with a sewing machine, they can create their child’s design by sewing the outfit for them as a one and only original.


A child’s creative process is extremely important for development and independent thought. Personal style is just another stepping stone to the growing process that also grants a child with feelings of being a true individual. Once a child is aware that they are not like everyone else, the possibilities open up inside their mind and become endless.

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