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Out with the Old – In with the New

Out with the Old – In with the New

happy shopperIn between taking down the Christmas tree, enjoying brand new gifts and eating leftover turkey sandwiches every day for lunch, parents are beginning to think about the New Year. New Year’s resolutions are a big part the holidays and one of the most highly used resolutions for parents is cleaning. Going through the kid’s old closets and cleaning out the past year’s unmatched socks, broken toys and outgrown clothing not only gets the house clean, but also helps parents feel fulfilled and ready for the New Year.


Get Rid of the Unwanted and Unneeded


Now that the kids have an array of brand new Christmas toys, it is time to let go of or cleaning out the ones that are not used anymore. Parents should go through toy chests and shelves in order to get rid of toys that are no longer played with. It can sometimes be difficult to get rid of some of the baby toys, but rather than hanging onto every toy, keep a few that hold precious memories and donate the rest.


Cleaning Out the Closets


Once the old toys are gone, parents can make room for new clothes as well. Every parent knows that children grow like weeds, so it is easy to lose track of clothing items and accessories such as toddler belts that now longer fit. Do a clean sweep over the closets and dressers in order to find all the clothing items that no longer fit or are never used. Again, parents can keep a few items that hold memories, but do not keep every bib and pair of footie pajamas that the kids ever wore.


Donation box  for childrenDonate with the Kids

Once the old clothes and toys have been cleaned out, parents should strive to teach their children about people in need and how they can help them. A great way to do this is by having the kids gather up all their old belongings and donating them to local charities. This will teach the kids the art of giving as well as how to not become pack rats.


Get Things Organized


Now that there is a lot more room, parents can work with the kids to get closets, drawers and shelves clean and organized. Find new homes for the toys and clothing received at Christmas as well as older items. Make it fun by creating an organization game with the kids. A great way to teach young children how to put their things away is by making a matching game by attaching pictures of certain toys or clothing items to shelves and drawers. Also, create helpful clean-up tools such as a dedicated sock drawer or hangers to hold hook-and-loop toddler belts.


Create a Keepsake Box


Parents do not have to get rid of everything. Some items hold memories that cannot be replaced, but rather than having them sit in the back of a closet, create a keepsake memory box where items can be stored safely and enjoyed over the years.


This New Years, parents can feel refreshed and ready with their kids by cleaning, giving and organizing their atmosphere.

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