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7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Children’s Fashion

Thursday, April 10th, 2014
Children's FashionEvery teenager says it at some point in their career, “Mom, why did you ever let me wear that?” Avoid the constant whines from humiliation and focus on the simple steps to conquering the world of children's fashion.

Blue Jeans

No one can go wrong with a pair of blue jeans. Not only are they simple and classy, they in no way can be complained about later in life. Children's fashion jeans often have adorable embellishments to add a little fun. Pair them with a stylish toddler belt and any child will be rocking it.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a must for every young girl. With a wide variety to choose from options will never cease to exist. Headbands, hair ties and bows are popular and adorable. Choose things with sparkle or beading because there is nothing wrong with a little bling!

Belts for Kids

Belts for kids not only keep the pants where they should be, but can also be extremely stylish. A toddler belt can add a splash of color to complete any outfit. Belts for kids come in a lot of different flavors. Different designs and pictures can be the embodiment of a child’s interest and give them a small touch of style. Nothing is cuter than a little girl sporting a sparkly new toddler belt.

Stylish T-Shirts

Children's FashionWhen buying a children’s t-shirt, try to avoid the googly eyed teddy bears and glowing unicorns. Choose things simple and sweet, such as butterflies for girls or super heroes for boys. For t-shirts without pictures, focus on bright colors for girls and neutral colors for boys. Skip overpowering designs, strings tassels and bows.


Ditch the overly embroidered Christmas sweaters and focus on simple stripes and solid colors. A sweater does not need to be sporting a lounging kitten to be adorable, try out sweaters with horizontal stripes or designs across the chest or thin stripes across the entire sweater. Solid colors are also very stylish but avoid anything overly bright or neon. Small sparkles can also be attractive on a girl’s sweater as long as they stay small and do not hit the chunky category. Additionally, PoshTots.com offers a great selection of children's sweaters and apparel.


Shoes are a very important aspect in children's fashion. Clogs and velcro sandals are not often appreciated later in life. When taking a child shoe shopping, let them pick their favorites but also guide them towards cute sneakers, slip on sandals, sandals with buckles or flats. For girls, leggings with a cute pair of flats are a major hit. Always remember to not skimp on the glories of childhood and buy the light up sneakers at least once. These Deer Stags Brian Slip-On Dress Shoes are easy to put on and look great!


Amplify any little girl’s outfit with adorable jewelry. Young girl’s jewelry is often fun, sparkly and youthful. Children’s jewelry sports things such as cupcakes, princess crowns or the latest boy band. With these kinds of choices, this is the place to wear kittens and unicorns. Let that little girl go crazy and accessorize to her wildest dreams.

When combining all of these things, remember to match correctly. Make colors coordinate and never put a print over a print. It is time to give those teenagers childhood pictures they can be proud of.   Have any children's fashion secrets? Share below.

Children’s Clothing: Help Them Last as Your Child Grows

Thursday, March 6th, 2014
Children's ClothingAny mother knows that it can be a challenge to clothe your children when frequent growth spurts constantly change how children's clothing fit. Buying children’s clothing so often can be expensive and difficult with the many other tasks you have to manage and fulfill as a parent. With a bit of ingenuity and fashion sense, you may be able to reduce the frequency of children's clothing purchases with a few simple hints. Here are a few of our favorites, but you could also come up with your own based on some of these principles.


Pants offer a lot of versatility, because most kids aren’t going to mind if their pants are rolled at the bottom. By using cute clips or safety pins, you could even create a fashion statement by rolling up jeans and adding clips to the bottom, so they don’t unroll while your child is at school or play. As your child grows, simply lessen the depth of the rolls, until the pants fit your child. The waist of pants can also be a problem area, so kids belts are a great option for adjusting the size of pants until your child completely grows into them.

Thrift Stores

Second-hand, consignment, and thrift-stores offer a wide variety of children’s clothing. One of the challenging aspects to purchasing items second-hand is that you typically aren’t able of find more than one size in any given item, unless the store accepts overstock from major retailers. If you find a cute outfit that’s just a bit too big, use some ingenuity to make it work. You may actually create a wonderful fashion statement through using toddler belts for boys, sashes, knotted T-shirts, or other accessories to create an adorable and unique style for your child. Investing in some staple accessories increases the amount of diversity you can create in an outfit.

 Shopping for Children's ClothingSweater Dresses

One practical and adorable way to create cute, inexpensive outfit for girls is by using a sweater as a dress. Toddler belts for girls create a waist for the sweater dress. Just choose a sweater that is a few sizes too big, and put tights or leggings under it. Use a belt to create some style for the sweater while your child is small, and as she grows older, the sweater fulfills its intended role. Button-up cardigans are great options for this look and add versatility. This same concept can also be applied to other tops to help children's clothing last.

What creative ways have you used to prolong the life of your child's clothes?