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Archive for the ‘ Toddler Belts ’ Category

Let’s Do Something Nice!

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

child givingAt the end of the day, the most important thing that a parent can teach their child is how to be kind. Establishing habits at an early age that involve caring for others and performing random acts of kindness will set a foundation that will follow a child through the rest of their life.


Sharing Treats


A great way to teach younger children how to be kind to their friends is to teach them how to share. One way to help them combine the act of sharing with giving is to help them make some special treats for their friends. If a parent has a child in school, they can talk to the teacher about bringing some treats for the whole class. Parents can help their kids bake some cookies or any other kind of tasty treats that the kids can bring for the other kids at school. Talk to the teacher about letting their child pass out the treats themselves so they can be actively involved in sharing what they brought.


Gifts for the Needy


Another activity parents can help their children with is helping those who are less fortunate. There are a lot of opprotunities for volunteering at shelters, hospitals or nursing homes. Sometimes just one friendly smile from a child can make a huge difference for those who are in need. Have the kids make some cards or other crafts to hand out while visiting a nursing home or purchase some small toys for children who have been checked into the hospital. Parents can talk to owners, directors, nurses or managers about who might like a visit from a happy toddler and get information about any individuals that the kids can come to see. Taking some time out of the week to just sit and talk with other people who really need it is a huge lesson in kindness that can make a difference, not only to the kids, but to the people they are talking to as well.


child petCaring for a Pet


A parent should want to teach their children not only to be kind to other people, but to animals as well. So, if they are up for the challenege, buying a family pet can be a great way to teach a lesson. If a child is responsible for something that is smaller than they are, they have to learn how to be gentle. By teaching them to hold a pet gently, pet them softly and handle them carefully, they will obtain a gentle attitude towards other living things around them as well. This can also be a great way to teach responsibility. If a child cannot be kind to an animal, odds are they will not be able to show kindness towards people. So by starting with animals, they can begin walking the path towards being kind to everyone they meet.


When teaching these lessons, talk with the kids about being kind to people no matter what they look like. Whether they see someone with a different skin color, someone with glasses, someone who talks different or someone who is shy, they should always show kindness. Once they know that, everything else will follow.

Is Your Little One Not a Morning Person?

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

sleeping childThe reality of life is that people who do not like mornings will always exist and that trait can always start early. That means that parents could be fighting against cranky toddlers who are anything but early birds. However, there are several things that parents can do to make getting up in the morning easier and fun for the kids.


Wake Them Gently


The worst mistake a parent can make is to try to let their child sleep as long as possible and wake them abruptly. The main reason this can be a bad decision is that, more often than not, the parent will be in a rush and that can cause stress to a child in the morning. It is best to wake children gently, especially if they have a hard time getting up. Wake them in the morning while there is still plenty of time to get ready and get out the door. More than likely, a child will cry or get upset if they do not like mornings. Parents can help soothe their child in this situation by rubbing their back, singing good morning songs or simply talking to them. The main thing is to create a relaxing atmosphere for a child to wake up in rather than being rushed to get out of their crib.


Create Morning Games


A great way to make getting up in the morning fun for the kids is by creating games that they will look forward to getting out of bed to play. Some of these can include good morning songs that they can sing along with, looking out the window and seeing who can spot the most animals or seeing what kind of weather is outside, making up dances or picking out clothing for the day. Parents can set out various tops, bottoms and accessories, such as hook-and-loop toddler belts, so their child can mix and match their own outfit for the day. If a child has something fun that they can look forward to every morning, they will be more eager to get up.


Bambino che sbadigliaOffer Comfort


There are several ways a parent can create visual comforts for their children in the morning. These can include simple things like glittering lights on the ceiling, stuffed animals in bed, a sippy cup full of warm milk or playing the radio. If a child has a pet they love, let the pet come in their room to greet them in the mornings, make a good morning puppet that can peek over their crib in the morning to say “hello” or create a special obstacle course in the kid’s room that they can walk through every morning. Another thing that can be comforting in the morning is a good solid breakfast. Parents should try to have breakfast ready for their kids in the morning to distract them from their morning crankies and comfort them by filling their bellies.


Get to work now and amp up whatever special events are happening in the morning, so the kids will be excited about getting up as soon as they go to bed.

Say It isn’t So!

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

school uniformsThe first day of school is coming up fast and it is time to get those kids looking their best! Now that all the pencils are sharpened and brand new notebooks have been bought, it is time to start thinking about that back to school wardrobe.


Private School Attire


For children who go to private schools, back to school clothing can be a trickier ordeal. Some schools require a specific uniform that will need to be ordered through the school. Parents should keep in mind that they will not want to do laundry every day, so it is best to order at least three uniforms for their child. Other private schools simply require clothing that fits with a dress code. When that is the case, take the kids shopping with a list of the school's clothing policies in order to compare while shopping. Another thing to keep in mind is shoes. Most private schools have limitations on what kind of shoes can be worn, so just be sure to know the rules before going shoe shopping with the kids.


Public School Attire

school clothes

Public schools offer a lot more freedom when it comes to clothing. Keep in mind that the kids should look presentable, classy and put together. The main things to look for are clean-cut jeans, dresses, t-shirts as well as button-up tops, skirts, jackets, comfortable shoes and some accessories. Things such as a hook-and-loop toddler belt can really tie a brand new outfit together. Combine the new clothing with any of the old clothes that still fit from last year for a full back to school wardrobe.


Remember the Seasons


Keep in mind that the kids will be going to school during the fall, winter and spring, so look for clothing that fits well with all three seasons. Summer clothes will not be needed more than a couple of months, so it is best to purchase more pants or jackets and less shorts or tank tops. Remember that not everything has to be purchased at the beginning of the school year. Buy the kids a few nice things to start off with and take them back once the stores start to carry more fall or winter items.


Guard Against Growth Spurts


Another thing for parents to keep in mind is how fast their child is growing. If a child is growing quickly, it may be best to spread out the shopping. Only buy a few items at the beginning of the school year and as they grow, take them shopping again. This will reduce the risk of spending too much money just because a child grows out of their new clothes too quickly. A great option for hook-and-loop toddler belts is to purchase one or two that fit the child at the start of school and then purchase some in the next two sizes up. That way, there will be belts waiting for the kids as they grow.


Everyone wants to look great on their first day of school. So grab the kids and get shopping!

I’ll Have a Picnic, Please!

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

picnicNow that summer is here, outdoor family outings are officially up for grabs. Fold up a blanket, pack a basket and round up the kids because one of the most popular choices for summer is a good family picnic.


Pack as a Family


When making a picnic lunch, have the kids help prepare and pack as much as possible. Let them spread the peanut butter and jelly on their bread or put veggies into zip-lock bags. They can also pack everything inside the picnic basket. Another option is to bake cookies with the kids to take along as well. Once the basket is all packed up, have the kids grab some drinks and help carry everything to the car. The kids can also help back up blankets, paper plates, napkins, plastic wear and cups.


Setting Up


Once the family gets to the park, parents can let the kids help spread out the blanket and get things ready. This could include getting out food, setting up plates or helping to pour drinks. Kids will enjoy setting up the picnic the way they want it to look, some little girls may even like setting up a tea party for the family to enjoy.


children picnicEnjoying Time around the Blanket


The same way a family can enjoy quality time around the table, they can also enjoy time around the blanket. Parents should ask their children questions, tell stories or jokes and keep the conversation flowing. Some of the best memories involve good conversation and laughter, so make sure to create plenty to remember.


Cleaning Up


Before letting the kids go play, parents should make sure they help clean everything up. Have them throw away their trash and help put away any extra food as well as dishes. They should also help to fold up the blanket and get everything packed up in the car.


Bring Along Some Fun


In order to make the family outing about more than just food, bring along some items to share as a family. This could include footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, jump ropes, hula hoops or Frisbees. It could also be things like cards, yard games or sidewalk chalk. Other options are bicycles, scooters, wagons, anything that the kids can have fun with while also spending time with family.


Keep It Safe


Parents should keep in mind the age of their child when they pack certain toys and always remember to keep safety in mind. Put the kids in proper shoes and clothing, such as tennis shoes or hook-and-loop toddler belts, as well as using things like helmets, knee pads and elbow pads.


Play Games


Even if parents forget to bring along any items for games, they can still make it fun for the kids by playing hid-and-seek, tag, clapping games, red rover or even rolling down some hills. Parents can also take advantage of local playgrounds or pools.


There is nothing that can beat good food, the great outdoors and the smiles on little one’s faces, so start packing up that basket!

Playground Fun!

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

playgroundThere is no better summer activity than taking the kids out to enjoy the great outdoors and one of the best places for children to enjoy their summer is on the playground.


Safety First


Before taking the kids to the park to play on the playground, make sure to go over a few basic safety rules:


The first thing the kids should understand is never to talk to someone they do not know. It may seem like this is obvious but young children are naturally trusting and if someone that is friendly comes up to them, odds are they will not assume they are dangerous. So, make sure the kids understand that absolutely anyone that walks up to them could be a “bad guy” and that the kids should come straight back to their parent if they are ever approached.


Another thing parents should mention is playground etiquette. The kids need to understand that they have to share the playground with a lot of other children. Talk to them about waiting their turn, not being allowed to push or shove and to be friendly with the other kids around them. Make sure they also understand that if another child pushes them, they should come to their parent rather than pushing back.


The last thing to talk to the kids about with safety is staying where their parents can see them. If a parent has more than one child or if the playground is crowded that day, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of the kids the entire time. So, it is best that the kids also understand that they should not go anywhere that they cannot see Mommy or Daddy.


Child PlaygroundPlayground Attire


What a child wears at the playground can also create a safer environment. Obviously summer is hot, so shorts and t-shirts are usually the best choice. Try and steer clear of dresses or skirts, as those can often get caught and be a risk for injury. It is also best that kids wear closed-toe shoes. If they do wear sandals, make sure they secure in the back. Another must-have is a hook-and-loop toddler belt that will keep pants or shorts secure during active play.


Be Prepared


Kids are always going to get hurt every now and then, so it is best to be prepared for when it happens. Make sure to pack a first-aid kit with extra band-aids in a bag or purse when going to the park. Also, bring some wet wipes to use if a cut needs cleaned or if a child gets too dirty. Since it is summer, parents should also be prepared with a lot of water. Make sure the kids are stopping to get a drink often in order to guard against getting overheated. Other items to bring include, sunscreen, extra clothes, hats to block the sun and bug spray.


Kids love outdoor play and they love going to the park. It is important that they have that in their lives, but also that they know how to play while also staying safe.

Summertime Clothing! The Top 5!

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

childrens summer clothesWhen it comes to growing toddlers, it is hard to just roll out the wardrobe from last summer and let the kids rock the hand-me-downs. Parents have to look for new clothes every season simply due to the fact that the kids do not fit in last years clothes. But, if shopping must be done, parents should have some fun with it. To get started, here are the five “toddler must haves” for this summer season.


Neon Wear


Neon colors have made a huge comeback in fashion over the past few years. This summer is no exception. Bright yellows, greens, purples, oranges, blues and pinks are popping up everywhere, especially on the kids. More often than not, neon colors are seen on casual t-shirts, tank tops or skirts rather than formal wear. Look for the bright colors and let the kids choose their favorites.


Bold Jumpers


summer childrens clothingNothing is cuter than a little girl in a summer jumper. This year, bold patterns and pictures are very popular. Big, brightly-colored flowers on a flowing skirt are beautiful choices. Faint sparkles are also popular among little princesses. Look for the bold choices with small extras that are classy but fun. Big bows that tie in the back, built in belts or flowers on the front. Choose light fabrics that are good for summer and designs that will make a little girl feel beautiful.


Summer Accessories


Summer is the season to accessorize. Let the kids have a little fun and choose plastic jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets or rings, sunglasses, backpacks or handbags. Useful summer accessories include baseball caps or sunhats, sandals and summertime-colored toddler belts. When looking for sandals, try and choose styles that will be comfortable while playing during the summer months. Also look for bright colors when it comes to both shoes and hook and loop toddler belts.

Duck, Duck, Goose…Mother Goose

Saturday, May 16th, 2015

child readingMay is Mother Goose Month and there is not better way to celebrate than to spend it with a growing toddler. There are several things parents can do to celebrate the goose that created the start of some of the world's most popular nursery rhymes.


Read Stories


It is very important for parents to take steps towards assisting their toddler developmentally. Reading books is one of the best ways to start. Books offer visual and vocal language development better than any other outlet. They erase the distractions that come with TV or radio. They offer a quiet moment where a child can listen to a voice and developmentally learn the words. Books can also be used to assist with word and picture connection. Parents can point to pictures while saying what they are and eventually the kids will be able to make the connection on their own.


Act It Out


After reading the stories, help the kids work on their memory skills. Get out the dress-up clothing, complete the outfit with a stylish toddler belt and reenact the story. See how much the kids can remember and what they can act out in front of Mom and Dad. Try and reward good memory skills with a lot of encouragement. Parents can also join in the fun and act out the stories with the kids. But make sure to leave the memory portion mostly in the hands of the children.


child playingPlay a Game


Another way to work on developmental skills is by playing games. Games work memory skilsl as well as motor skills and vocal skills. A great game to celebrate Mother Goose Month is Duck, Duck, Goose. Have everyone sit in a circle and try to let the kids take their turn on their own as much as possible. In the beginning, parents may have to help with the rules of the game, but eventually the kids should be able to remember what to do or say on their own.


Sing a Song


Mother Goose not only boosted the creation of hundreds of nursery rhymes but also hundreds of songs. Celebrate the month of May by singing songs from the kid's favorite nursery rhymes. Singing and dancing is a great way to help develop memory skills, vocal skills and motor skills. Sing along with the kids and try to get them to sing as many words on their own as they can. Parents can also show them how to do specific dance moves that they have to learn and remember.


Choices for Mother Goose


If parents are not familiar with many Mother Goose nursery rhymes, here are a few to get started with. Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, Little Thumb and The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood. During the month of May, read one rhyme with the kids every morning and use the stories to develop both their minds and their hearts.


Celebrate the goose that started it all with stories, songs, games, laughter and memories with the kids that will last a lifetime.

Make It Festive!

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

No child goes into a paint store and chooses the grays, browns or blacks. They choose the brightest, boldest color they can find. Rather than painting the house in cotton candy pink, parents can feed their children's desire for bright colors in other ways. One of the best areas to offer bright colors is in their wardrobe.


Go Color Shopping


Since kids are drawn more to color than fashion, let them choose their clothing based on the colors they like rather than the designs. Parents can combine their own fashion knowledge with their children's desired colors and come out with outfits that everyone will love. While shopping, have the kids keep a sharp eye open for colors that they like. Each child should look for five colorful items and choose two or three to take home.


Practice Color Coordination


Using a lot of color in clothing is a great way to teach kids about colors as well as color coordination. Before putting on their clothes in the morning, parents can have the kids say what color they are putting on, what other colors look good with that color and what combinations they can make. If children go through that process every morning they can learn their colors quickly and efficiently.


colorful childrens clothingObtain Color Variety


Learning color coordination can be combined with using a variety of clothing items and accessories. Having a colored shirt is one thing, but throwing in brightly colored hats, shoes and toddler belts is a great way to add a little extra splash of color to the mix. Let the kids match up their outfits and accessories as a way to further learn good color coordination.


Play the Matching Game


Parents can use articles of clothing and other colored items to create a color matching game. Have the kids put everything that is blue into one pile, everything that is green into another and continue until there are no colors left. This is a great way to learn a lot of different colors with a lot of different items.


Divide and Conquer


Another idea for parents is to color coordinate their children's closets and drawers. That way, as the kids get older and start learning to pick up their own things, they can look for the right colored area while putting away their clothes. Write out the color while also making a visual so the kids can learn both the color and the word. Parents can use this method to make cleaning fun as well as learn good color skills.


Go with the Seasons


With summer just around the corner, bright colors are the way to go. As the seasons change, change the colors to match. By having seasonal colors within a wardrobe, parents can use clothing to not only learn about colors but to learn about the changing seasons as well.


A child's eye is drawn to color for a reason. Colors are fun, bright and noticeable, just like children. Let the kids reach for color in their life by letting them wear it.