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Say It isn’t So!

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

school uniformsThe first day of school is coming up fast and it is time to get those kids looking their best! Now that all the pencils are sharpened and brand new notebooks have been bought, it is time to start thinking about that back to school wardrobe.


Private School Attire


For children who go to private schools, back to school clothing can be a trickier ordeal. Some schools require a specific uniform that will need to be ordered through the school. Parents should keep in mind that they will not want to do laundry every day, so it is best to order at least three uniforms for their child. Other private schools simply require clothing that fits with a dress code. When that is the case, take the kids shopping with a list of the school's clothing policies in order to compare while shopping. Another thing to keep in mind is shoes. Most private schools have limitations on what kind of shoes can be worn, so just be sure to know the rules before going shoe shopping with the kids.


Public School Attire

school clothes

Public schools offer a lot more freedom when it comes to clothing. Keep in mind that the kids should look presentable, classy and put together. The main things to look for are clean-cut jeans, dresses, t-shirts as well as button-up tops, skirts, jackets, comfortable shoes and some accessories. Things such as a hook-and-loop toddler belt can really tie a brand new outfit together. Combine the new clothing with any of the old clothes that still fit from last year for a full back to school wardrobe.


Remember the Seasons


Keep in mind that the kids will be going to school during the fall, winter and spring, so look for clothing that fits well with all three seasons. Summer clothes will not be needed more than a couple of months, so it is best to purchase more pants or jackets and less shorts or tank tops. Remember that not everything has to be purchased at the beginning of the school year. Buy the kids a few nice things to start off with and take them back once the stores start to carry more fall or winter items.


Guard Against Growth Spurts


Another thing for parents to keep in mind is how fast their child is growing. If a child is growing quickly, it may be best to spread out the shopping. Only buy a few items at the beginning of the school year and as they grow, take them shopping again. This will reduce the risk of spending too much money just because a child grows out of their new clothes too quickly. A great option for hook-and-loop toddler belts is to purchase one or two that fit the child at the start of school and then purchase some in the next two sizes up. That way, there will be belts waiting for the kids as they grow.


Everyone wants to look great on their first day of school. So grab the kids and get shopping!

I’ll Have a Picnic, Please!

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

picnicNow that summer is here, outdoor family outings are officially up for grabs. Fold up a blanket, pack a basket and round up the kids because one of the most popular choices for summer is a good family picnic.


Pack as a Family


When making a picnic lunch, have the kids help prepare and pack as much as possible. Let them spread the peanut butter and jelly on their bread or put veggies into zip-lock bags. They can also pack everything inside the picnic basket. Another option is to bake cookies with the kids to take along as well. Once the basket is all packed up, have the kids grab some drinks and help carry everything to the car. The kids can also help back up blankets, paper plates, napkins, plastic wear and cups.


Setting Up


Once the family gets to the park, parents can let the kids help spread out the blanket and get things ready. This could include getting out food, setting up plates or helping to pour drinks. Kids will enjoy setting up the picnic the way they want it to look, some little girls may even like setting up a tea party for the family to enjoy.


children picnicEnjoying Time around the Blanket


The same way a family can enjoy quality time around the table, they can also enjoy time around the blanket. Parents should ask their children questions, tell stories or jokes and keep the conversation flowing. Some of the best memories involve good conversation and laughter, so make sure to create plenty to remember.


Cleaning Up


Before letting the kids go play, parents should make sure they help clean everything up. Have them throw away their trash and help put away any extra food as well as dishes. They should also help to fold up the blanket and get everything packed up in the car.


Bring Along Some Fun


In order to make the family outing about more than just food, bring along some items to share as a family. This could include footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, jump ropes, hula hoops or Frisbees. It could also be things like cards, yard games or sidewalk chalk. Other options are bicycles, scooters, wagons, anything that the kids can have fun with while also spending time with family.


Keep It Safe


Parents should keep in mind the age of their child when they pack certain toys and always remember to keep safety in mind. Put the kids in proper shoes and clothing, such as tennis shoes or hook-and-loop toddler belts, as well as using things like helmets, knee pads and elbow pads.


Play Games


Even if parents forget to bring along any items for games, they can still make it fun for the kids by playing hid-and-seek, tag, clapping games, red rover or even rolling down some hills. Parents can also take advantage of local playgrounds or pools.


There is nothing that can beat good food, the great outdoors and the smiles on little one’s faces, so start packing up that basket!

Happy Fathers Day!

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

fathers dayJune marks the time of the first day of summer, Flag Day and a day to celebrate all the dads, daddies, papas, dadas and fathers. June 21st marks Father's Day and there is no better way to celebrate than by bringing a father closer to his kids.


Explain Father's Day


The first thing that any parent should do is sit their child down and explain what Father's Day really means. Try and help them to understand that it is a day to celebrate dads but also to honor them and everything they do. Also explain that it is a day to make their own dad feel extra special.


Keep Hands Moving with Thoughts


It can be hard to make a young child sit still and listen, so while a parent is explaining what Father's Day is all about, they can give the kids something to do while they listen. The best thing to do is make a craft for Dad.


Dad-like Crafts


There are a lot of things the kids can make for Dad. Cut out some paper ties and let the kids paint them. Get out the noodles and make noodle watches. Tie dye some t-shirts for Dad's next run. Make rubber band balls to throw around outside. The possibilities are endless. Let the kids pick out which craft they want to make for Dad and try to let them work on it on their own as much as possible.


fathers dayDad's Special Day Events


Do not stop with the crafts. After the kids are done creating their gifts, help them come up with some events that they know Dad will love. Create an outdoor barbecue, take Dad to a ball game or even just a trip to the park. Actions speak louder than words so help the kids show how much they love their dad through both their actions and their words.


Dadly Shopping


Of course Dad will love his macaroni watch and paper tie, but he could love some other gifts as well. Take the kids shopping with a list of everything Daddy might love. This could include tools, clothing, cooking equipment, camping gear, etc. Let each child pick out one or two things to buy and help them wrap them up to give to their dad.


It Takes Two


A great way to make the kids and the dad feel extra special is by making “mini daddies.” Have the kids dress up just like their dad. This can bring a lot of laughter, a lot of smiles and a lot of warm fuzzy feelings. Depending on how dad usually dresses, it could be jeans, hiking boots and a t-shirt or it could be a suit and tie. Make sure to include a hook-and-loop toddler belt that looks just like daddy's.


By creating a special day for Dad with the kids, families can continue to add more memories to the albums as well as the hearts. Help the kids make this Father's Day extra special and fill it with one-of-a-kind memories.

It is Summer Travel Time!

Sunday, May 24th, 2015

summer kidsSummer is here and that means that the season for family vacations has arrived. Every parent knows that traveling with toddlers is never easy, but there are several things that parents can do to make the process smoother for everyone.


Prepare Entertainment


Driving countless hours with bored children in the car is not the most pleasant situation. Parents can avoid pointless temper tantrums, screaming, fighting and crying by preparing some entertainment for the kids. Movies are great but they only hold a child's attention for so long. Plan some games that can be played in the car, such as “I spy” or “The Alphabet Game.” Another great option is singing songs. As well as games and songs, pack some car-friendly toys that the kids can play with that will keep them occupied longer than a few minutes.


Snack Attack


Kids will always get hungry in between meals, especially when they are stuck in the car. Avoid having to stop at a gas station every half hour and pack some snacks to munch on during the trip. Keep in mind that snacks should be easy to pack, eat and clean up. Something like strawberries or suckers, for example, can make a pretty big mess. But things such as apples, crackers or cereal are easier to clean up if there is a spill.

Be Prepared


When going on vacation, it is good to make lodging plans in advance. Whether it is a hotel at the destination or a pit stop during long hours of driving, parents should make sure that wherever they are staying is kid-friendly and in a safe area. If the family is staying with relatives, parents should make sure they have rooms that are kid-friendly as well. If parents can make a plan for proper lodging in advance there will be no surprises and vacations will be much more enjoyable.


summer travel (2)Pack Right


When packing for toddlers, make sure they have all of their daily items, such as sippy cups, blankets, special toys, food, diapers, wipes and the right clothing. Make sure to pack a lot of extra clothes in case of accidents. Parents should have a good amount of comfy clothing for the trip as well as pajamas, pants, tops, dress clothes and toddler belts. The best thing a parent can do while packing is to create a check list to make sure they do not forget anything.


Comfort is Key


It can sometimes be hard for a child to sleep somewhere they have never been before. Make the transition easier by packing some comfort items from home that will make the kids feel more comfortable. Things like pillows, blankets, stuffed animals or books can make a huge difference when a child finds themselves in a strange, new place. Another thing to keep in mind is packing proper bedding for the kids to sleep in during the vacation, such as a pack-n-play or portable crib.


Summer vacations are always a lot of fun but can be stressful when young children are involved. Make the stress disappear and the fun stay in place by planning a vacation right.

What is Mother’s Day?

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

mothers dayMother's Day is coming around the bend and it is up to all the dads to help the kids make the most of the day. Whether it is Dad, Mom, Grandma or Grandpa, someone should sit down with the kids to tell them what Mother's Day really means.


Talk About the Meaning


It is easy to buy a card and call it good. But children should know what Mother's Day really is and why they celebrate it. Parents should sit their children down and talk to them about why an entire day was set aside just for mommies. Explain that Mother's Day is a day to honor all the moms all over the world. They should also know that Mother's Day is a day to make their mommy feel special.


Talk About What Makes Mom Special


Take some time to talk to the kids about their mom and what makes her so special. Have them think of three things that their mommy does for them and write them down on a poster or card. Once they are done, have them think of three more things that make mommy special. Add those three things to the first three and have the kids sign the paper and decorate it with glitter, markers or stickers. Once they are finished, they can give their list to Mom.


The Gift of Giving


mothers day giftAnother great way to make Mom feel special is to find her the perfect gift. Take the kids shopping and let them pick out what they think Mom will love. Even if a gift seems silly, Mom will appreciate something that the kids chose themselves rather than something Dad chose for them. Once the kids have their presents, let them wrap them up to give them to Mom.


Give from the Heart


A gift from the heart always means more than a gift from a shelf. Have the kids make Mom homemade gifts by doing arts and crafts or making her a special dinner. Another great way to give from the heart is by having the kids clean up and decorate the house. Mom will appreciate the thought behind the gifts and the actions that made them happen.


Dress to Impress


Get the kids dressed up in their Sunday best to take their mom out for a special night. She will love seeing the kids all dressed up in suits, ties or dresses topped off with a snazzy hook and loop or Velcro toddler belt. Have the kids choose a restaurant to take Mom to or go dancing and let Mom dance the night away with her little ones.


The Best Gift is Love


The last and most important thing that any child can give is the gift of love through words or actions. A wrapped up present is great and a night on the town is fun but a hug, kiss and an “I love you” from the kids is the best thing any mother could ask for.


This Mother's Day, help the kids truly understand everything the day means and how to make their mother feel like the best mom in the world.

Jumping into Spring!

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

kids spring funAs spring days start to bloom, parents can join in the fun along with their kids. Spring is the time for bright colors, bright smiles and bright activities. So, get the kids decked out for the season and be one of the first to start it off with a bang!


Brighten Up the Day


After a harsh winter, spring works to bring new life into the world. As flowers bloom and grass turns green, parents can also work make sure it is not just their yard that gets brighter. As parents shop for their children's springtime wardrobe, they should keep bright colors in the forefront of their thoughts. Light pinks, blues, yellows, greens and purples are the best choices for flattering springtime colors. Parents can also add a little splash of color with a springtime toddler belt.


Think Sunshine


Gloomy days are out the window once spring hits. So parents should look for lighter clothing items that welcome those sunny spring days. The days will get warmer but not hot, so keep in mind that a lot of days will still require pants and jackets. As parents shop for their children, the main items to look out for are light pants, long skirts, sundresses, light short-sleeved button-ups, t-shirts, light jackets, caps and bright colored hook-and-loop toddler belts.


Plant a Proper Welcoming


A great way to help the kids get ready for spring is by helping them create a proper welcoming. Take them to a local flower shop and let them pick out some of their favorite blooms. Once they bring their flowers home, help the kids plant their flowers in the front yard. Make sure to remind them to keep them watered and to plant them in the sun. Also, help the kids make a “Welcome Springtime!” sign to post in the front yard. Once the kids are decked out, the flowers are planted and the house is ready, take some pictures of the kids saying hello to spring.


Enjoy the Benefits


Now that winter is over, parents can help the kids enjoy the benefits of spring by taking them outside for some hands-on activities. Take the kids for a walk around the lake to feed the ducks, draw with sidewalk chalk or plant a garden. The most important thing is that they are getting out and enjoying everything that the season has to offer.

boy spring fujCapture the Season


Once spring hits, the whole world is in bloom. As the yards, parks and gardens start to sprout those blooms, take the kids out to capture their beauty. Parents can let their kids take pictures of different flowers to make a photo book, pick different flowers to press and make gifts for their grandparents or draw pictures of nature. If kids can make an effort to capture the beauty of the season, they can appreciate it all the more.


As the season of new beginnings takes hold of everything around it, parents all over the country look into the eyes of their children and realize one thing, their kids are growing up. So, take advantage of the time while it lasts, go outside and say hello to spring.

Fun Day, Sun Day

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Child throw up snowOutdoor activity is one of the most important things a child needs. Although there are several indoor activities, there is no substitution for fresh air and lots of space to burn energy. When children are young, it is up to the parents to make sure they get the right amount.


During the winter it may look like the sun has gone into hiding, but a fun day outdoors can turn even the dreariest days into sunny ones.


Bundle Up and Play


Just because it is cold outside does not mean that the kids do not need fresh air. Bundle them up with coats, gloves, hats, scarves and toddler belts to keep the pants in place. After they are bundled and warm, go for a walk or to the park and let them take some time to run and play.


Fun in the Snow


If there is snow, let the kids enjoy it, even if they do get soaked. Again, get them bundled up and let them play in the snow, go sledding or build a snowman. They can also go hunting for icicles, make a snow fort or have a snowball fight. Try and join them during these activities or invite friends over to play to make it a family activity.


hot chocolateWarm Up the Winter


Camping in the back yard does not just have to be a summer activity. Although sleeping outside may not be the best choice, parents can still create some winter camping fun. Set up a tent in the backyard, make a fire and roast some marshmallows. Parents can also add some hot chocolate and popcorn to the mix. It will help the kids get some fresh air while still staying warm.


Get Moving


Nothing gets the body warmed up more than movement. So, take the kids out for some winter sports so they can get their legs moving. Soccer, basketball and hockey are all great sports for winter weather. This will help the kids burn some energy while also giving them time outside.


Go Ice Skating


If it is cold enough that the lakes have frozen over it can be the perfect opportunity for parents to take their toddlers ice skating. Keep in mind that this is an activity that will need a lot of parental assistance. The kids will love learning something new and feeling like they are walking on water.


Take a Winter Nature Hike


Nature never sleeps, so let the kids enjoy it year-around. Get the kids bundled up, tighten up their pants with a good hook and loop toddler belt, and take a hike in the woods. Try and go in the morning or evening since those are the best times to spot wildlife. Keep a look out for deer, birds or other animals that the kids can enjoy.


Even in the cold months of winter, there are several outdoor activities parents can enjoy with their children. Children should never be shut up inside for months, no matter how cold it is. So, get outside and leave the hibernating to the bears.

Capture the Moment with Family Photos

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Mother and baby - capturing momentsWhen it comes to family photos,visions soar into every mother's mind of smiling angels framed by curled locks and shining teeth. Realty often breaks this spell by adding crying toddlers, unprofessional photographers or cheesy backgrounds. In order to avoid this realty, there are several things parents can do to make sure their family photos capture wonderful memories.


Practice Techniques


A crying toddler is never the best model, but parents can avoid meltdowns by picture practicing with their kids beforehand. A camera, pretend stage and smiling kids are all it takes to practice. Try and tell the kids what they should do and introduce them to the idea of a stranger taking pictures of them. If the kids feel prepared, they will be more likely to smile without fear.


Research Before Buying


Unprofessional photographers can be a huge black mark on a mother's perfect pictures. In order to prevent this, parents should research their photography company and photographer before making any commitment. It is best to look for a photographer that specifically works with young children and has experience dealing with a crisis. If possible, parents should also try and set up a meeting to talk about ideas.




In order to obtain visually appealing photos, outfits need to coordinate. Make sure the whole family is wearing colors that match. Everyone should look put together and neat with nice clothes, combed hair and visually appealing accessories, such as hook and loop toddler belts. It is also important that everyone steer clear of heavy patterns or neon colors.


Bring a Friend


Young children can be shy, but when parents are supposed to be in the family photo, it is hard for them to be comforting nervous toddlers. One way to fix the problem is to bring a friend, babysitter or family member that the kids trust. That way, they can try and calm the kids from behind the camera. If the kids are looking at a friend rather than a scary stranger, they will be more likely to flash a smile.


Make It Fun


The best way to capture those beautiful family moments is to make the photo shoot fun. Rather than taking pictures in a stuffy building do outside photography at some of the kid's favorite spots. A professional photographer will be able to capture the very best moments in a natural setting. This will also make the kids feel more at ease.


Choose the Right Timing


family photographsParents should think through what is the best time for the kids rather than what is the best time for them. It can be difficult to smile and say cheese when hungry or tired, so parents should not schedule sessions when the kids would normally be taking naps or eating. Timing is everything when it comes to pictures and the wrong time can make a difficult photo shoot for everyone involved.

  It is possible for mothers to obtain their perfect family pictures. All they have to do is keep it natural, match it up and smile.