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Archive for the ‘ Fall Toddler Fashion ’ Category

Must Haves for Fall

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Kids playing in autumn parkThe temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing and autumn is on its way. This year, help the kids choose the very best clothing for the fall season.


Bundle Up


Fall is the best time for bundling up in jackets, hoodies, flannel, hats and scarves. Make sure to get the kids a good amount of warm jackets for the autumn chill. Plaid is a must have for the fall season, especially when it comes to jackets. Denim jackets are also making a big comeback for both boys and girls. When buying jackets or hoodies, look for warm tones that embody the season. This can include deep reds, oranges, browns, yellows and cream colors. Try and stay away from the neon colors as those are better for summer.


Top It Off


Fall is the best season to have fun with accessories. Scarves are a huge fall fashion statement. Be sure to let the kids choose a few to pair with different outfits. Infinity scarves are extremely fashionable for both boys and girls. Plaid makes a lot of appearances on scarves as well. Hats are also a great fall fashion accessory. Wool and knit hats are great choices as well as headbands. For little girls, knit headbands with large flowers on top look absolutely adorable. The last thing needed to top off some new blue jeans and a snazzy plaid shirt is some new hook-and-loop toddler belts with warm fall tones.


fall2Fall Footwear


When it comes to shoes and autumn fashion, there is only one word that comes to mind. Boots. Boots are a huge fashion statement during fall and nothing is cuter than a toddler in tall leather boots. Slip-on fur boots or zip-up suede or leather boots are the top contenders. Hiking boots also look great on little boys with blue jeans. When it comes to boots, there is a lot to choose from, so take the kids shopping and let them pick out their favorite style.


Soft Materials


For both boys and girls, soft materials are often the best choices for fall fashion. Sweaters with buttoned collars for boys and large, blooming turtle necks for girls. Flannel is also a great choice for chilly days. For girls, sweater dresses on top of patterned leggings with a leather jacket, boots and a hook-and-loop toddler belt can come together to make the perfect outfit. For boys, pair together dark wash denim jeans with a plaid flannel shirt, hiking boots, a hook-and-loop toddler belt and a knit hat.


Chilly Autumn Nights


If the kids are going to be doing a lot of evening fall activities, such as hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkin picking or sitting by the bonfire, make sure they are prepared for the weather. Purchase some good jackets that will keep them warm as well as some woolly scarves, hats that cover the ears and gloves or mittens. Keep the kids warm and fashionable this season.

Fall is a great time to have fun with clothes and layers. So, grab the kids, go shopping and have fun!

Trick or Treat Costume – Hmmmm We Choose Treat!

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Child in pumpkin suit on background of autumn leavesHalloween is a time for kids to dress up, have fun and eat lots of candy, so make it one to remember by helping them create a trick or treat costume they can get excited about.


Little Girls

Little girls love dressing up and to feel like they are the prettiest trick-or-treater in the neighborhood. Princesses, ballerinas, butterflies or fairies are great choices for little girls that love sparkle and pretty dresses.


Little Boys

With boys, they just want some kind of sword, claws or mask. They like to feel tough and unforgettable. Choices like ninjas, tigers, knights or super heroes will not go wrong with active little boys on Halloween.


Creativity Matters

Even if parents do not have a lot of money, it is not hard to create an unforgettable costume. Help the kids get creative by purchasing or making every section of their costume special to them. Let them pick what they want to be and how to make it happen. They should choose colors, accessories, masks and makeup all on their own with only a little help from Mom and Dad. If they create their costume on their own, it will be all the more special.


halloweenCharacter Influence

It is fun to let the kids decide what or who they want to be for Halloween, but keep in mind what the influence will be behind their choice. Try and steer clear of anything too bloody, aggressive or frightening as this may negatively affect the child. Fun characters will create fun activity while aggressive or gruesome characters will create unfortunate behavior.


Have Fun!

Go to great lengths for the kids. Have fun making a costume and letting them add extra touches to create the finished results. Every costume needs a little bling. Accessories are great for adding a little spice to a Halloween costume. A flashing necklace or cool sunglasses make great final touches to complete the Halloween look. Also, a snazzy toddler belt with matching colors or designs can be the perfect touch to complete the perfect costume.


Make It Count

Whatever costume a child does pick is going to be a big deal. So, make Halloween count this year and make a big deal right along with them. If they are a fairy, marvel at their wings and ask for special wishes, if they are a ninja, let them sneak attack as many times as they possibly can throughout the night. Play with the kids and join in the fun.


Choose Comfort

It is going to be easy for a little princess to want to wear the plastic high-heeled dress up shoes, or for Robin Hood to want to biggest, heaviest bow he can carry. Remember that the kids will be walking around for quite some time collecting candy, so try and steer them towards comfortable choices. Instead of high heels, bedazzle their tennis shoes with sparkles and ribbons. If Robin Hood wants the biggest bow, help make one at home by using lightweight material. They will be thankful later and the parents will not be stuck carrying everything at the end of the night.  Halloween can be filled with great memories for both the kids and the parents if they all take the time to be creative and have fun!

Fall Into Color – Fall Toddler Fashion

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

fallFall is here and that means it is time to take the kids out for their brand new fall wardrobes! Some of the best colors of this season are seen in the trees and that is the perfect example of what colors to put on the kids as you fall into color.


There are several great things to choose from when it comes to children's fall time fashion.


Warm Tones


Summer is the time for bright and bold, spring is pastels, but fall is the time for warmth. Choose clothing for the kids with warm tones that will be as cozy as warm apple cider. Deep reds and oranges are some of the best choices for fall. But there are also deep warm yellows, soft pinks and comforting browns. Just look to the trees for the best tones for a new fall wardrobe.




Patterns are definitely making a comeback in children’s fashion. Leggings with patterned stripes matched with a long solid colored sweater are great choices for a little girl. Jeans with a plaid top will always be a stylish fall trend for both boys and girls. Try to find patterns with those warm tones and never overwhelm a child’s small body with too many patterns. Patterns are in style, but only in moderation.




Simple bold pictures are also a great choice for fall fashion. Woodland animals make an appearance on countless hoodies, shirts and sweaters. Owls, deer and moose all seem to be taking a walk into the fashion world, especially during the fall. Other prints to look for are autumn leaves or pumpkins. Go for the more simple elegant form of prints rather than cartoony to avoid future embarrassing pictures for the kids.




Fall fashion is never complete without the little things. Scarves are a huge fall time accessory for boys and girls. Again, look for warm tones. Even patterned and printed scarves are available. Belts are another great choice. A toddler belt matched with the jeans and plaid shirt combination will be the perfect final touch. Hats can also be a fun choice. Look for knitted caps or knitted headbands. Knitted headbands with large knitted flowers are a huge little girl’s fashion trend this fall. Be sure that all accessories are balanced with the outfit and the kids will look amazing.




Fall fashion would be nothing without the boots. Boy’s brown leather hiking boots are the perfect choice for a fall fashion look and will also come in handy on those autumn hikes. Little girls will look adorable in the variety of colored boots matched with long knee socks. Patterns are not usually the way to go with shoes, but knee socks with patterns always make a cute accessory.


Fall is the time for carving pumpkins, warm campfires and sipping hot apple cider. The kids will look great in clothing that is as warm as the season while enjoying all the fun of their fall time activities.