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Archive for the ‘ Baby Clothing ’ Category

Let’s Have a Pajama Party!

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

photo_17526_20100423Some of the best childhood memories are born from favorite games or parties that come with being a kid. For a child, a simple birthday party can make or break a happy memory. Parents should strive to help to obtain those memories by letting their little ones party with their friends. Since every child loves staying in their P.J.'s all day, one of the more popular choices is a pajama party.


Create with the Kids


A great way to get the kids excited about their pajama party is to let them help plan it. Talk about what kind of games they should play, snacks they should have or decorations that will look best in the living room. Make the sky the limit and help the kids come up with their own ideas in order to help them get excited about throwing their own party. This can also encourage independent and creative thinking.


Set It Up


Pillowcase DressPajama parties are simple to decorate for. Have the kids stick glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling of the living room, spread out some sleeping bags or create a giant fort for all the kids to play with. It can be fun for the kids to have all their pillows, blankets and stuffed animals piled up in the living room ready to watch a movie with their friends. The main thing parents should strive for is decorations that look and feel comfy as well as fun.


P.J. Party Games


Some fun toddler games are a must for every pajama party. One idea is to purchase some cheap slippers for every party guest. A parent can hide one slipper from each guest and they have to search the house until they find the slipper that matches the one left on their foot. As prizes, they can all take their new slippers home. Kids can also create star chandeliers to hang on the roof of their fort, parents can put a sheet over a large fan in order to create a giant bubble that the kids can play in, the kids can wear glow necklaces and play hide-and-seek in the dark or they can have a pajama contest with prizes for the most popular P.J.'s.


Nighttime Munchies


Great ideas for nighttime snacks during a pajama party are popcorn, hot chocolate, cheese with crackers, fruit with peanut butter or s'mores. Snacks can also become games. Let the kids string the popcorn together, make s'mores over the stove (with adult supervision) or have a fondue feast.

Sleepover Fun


If the kids are old enough the pajama party can turn into a sleepover. All the kids can snuggle up in sleeping bags under a homemade fort or gather around a pile of stuffed animals and pillows for a movie before bed. Parents can end the party by making the kids a special breakfast in the morning before getting dressed with tops, bottoms, hook-and-loop toddler belts, socks and shoes.


Create parties that dreams are made of with the best pajama party that any kid could ever imagine.

Must Haves for Fall

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Kids playing in autumn parkThe temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing and autumn is on its way. This year, help the kids choose the very best clothing for the fall season.


Bundle Up


Fall is the best time for bundling up in jackets, hoodies, flannel, hats and scarves. Make sure to get the kids a good amount of warm jackets for the autumn chill. Plaid is a must have for the fall season, especially when it comes to jackets. Denim jackets are also making a big comeback for both boys and girls. When buying jackets or hoodies, look for warm tones that embody the season. This can include deep reds, oranges, browns, yellows and cream colors. Try and stay away from the neon colors as those are better for summer.


Top It Off


Fall is the best season to have fun with accessories. Scarves are a huge fall fashion statement. Be sure to let the kids choose a few to pair with different outfits. Infinity scarves are extremely fashionable for both boys and girls. Plaid makes a lot of appearances on scarves as well. Hats are also a great fall fashion accessory. Wool and knit hats are great choices as well as headbands. For little girls, knit headbands with large flowers on top look absolutely adorable. The last thing needed to top off some new blue jeans and a snazzy plaid shirt is some new hook-and-loop toddler belts with warm fall tones.


fall2Fall Footwear


When it comes to shoes and autumn fashion, there is only one word that comes to mind. Boots. Boots are a huge fashion statement during fall and nothing is cuter than a toddler in tall leather boots. Slip-on fur boots or zip-up suede or leather boots are the top contenders. Hiking boots also look great on little boys with blue jeans. When it comes to boots, there is a lot to choose from, so take the kids shopping and let them pick out their favorite style.


Soft Materials


For both boys and girls, soft materials are often the best choices for fall fashion. Sweaters with buttoned collars for boys and large, blooming turtle necks for girls. Flannel is also a great choice for chilly days. For girls, sweater dresses on top of patterned leggings with a leather jacket, boots and a hook-and-loop toddler belt can come together to make the perfect outfit. For boys, pair together dark wash denim jeans with a plaid flannel shirt, hiking boots, a hook-and-loop toddler belt and a knit hat.


Chilly Autumn Nights


If the kids are going to be doing a lot of evening fall activities, such as hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkin picking or sitting by the bonfire, make sure they are prepared for the weather. Purchase some good jackets that will keep them warm as well as some woolly scarves, hats that cover the ears and gloves or mittens. Keep the kids warm and fashionable this season.

Fall is a great time to have fun with clothes and layers. So, grab the kids, go shopping and have fun!

School’s Out! Now What Do We Do?!?!

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

children summerNow that summer is here and the kids are home from preschool, there is a huge block of time that needs to be taken up. But no worries, summer is the perfect time to bond with the kids and to come up with some new family activities.


Proper Summer Clothing


Before starting any crazy summer fun, remember to dress the kids in appriorate summer clothing. Shorts and t shirts are a must. Also, keep light pants on hand to protect against bugs during certain outdoor activities. Another thing to keep in mind is hats and sunglasses for those hot sunny days. Last, but not least, a hook-and-loop toddler belt to finish off those cool summer outfits.


kid summerSummer Camp Out


One of the best family traditions during the summer is camping. If parents think their kids are not ready for serious camping quite yet, then make a simple backyard campout. Set up a tent in the backyard complete with picnics, campfires, ghost stories and sleeping under the stars. This way, if the kids get scared, home is just a few steps away.


Create Tasty Treats


Fill up some of that extra time by helping the kids create some tasty summer treats that they can enjoy. Use fruit juice or punch to make homemade popsicles or purchase a small snow cone maker. The kids will love creating the treats and will love eating them even more.


Splish Splashing


The summer heat always begs for some kind of water activity. If the kids are ready for swimming, take them to the pool with some inflatable flippers to practice their dog paddling. If the big pool is still a little too scary, a lot of public swimming pools offer kiddie pools that are just as much fun. Another great option is setting up water play in the backyard. Use a small inflatable pool or purchase a sprinkler that the kids can run through.


Sandy Fun


The beach is not the only place to have fun in the sand. Purchase a sandbox, or even a large bin, and fill it with sand for the kids to play in. It is usually best to have the kids wear swisuits while playing in the sand in order to guarantee an easier clean up. With some buckets, a little water and a couple shovels, the kids can create sand castles just like they would at the beach.


Park Play


Of course summer would never be complete without trips to the park. Take the kids to play on the playground, walk around the lake, feed the ducks or even on a short hike. Playing outside will burn a lot of the kid's energy while also allowing them to enjoy the summer weather. For active play, make sure the kids wear durable shoes that will keep tiny toes safe while running, jumping or playing.


Remember to use sunscreen and bugspray when needed while letting the kids play outside in the summer while also having them drink lots of water in order to stay hydrated. The last thing to remember this summer is to always have fun.

Playground Fun!

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

playgroundThere is no better summer activity than taking the kids out to enjoy the great outdoors and one of the best places for children to enjoy their summer is on the playground.


Safety First


Before taking the kids to the park to play on the playground, make sure to go over a few basic safety rules:


The first thing the kids should understand is never to talk to someone they do not know. It may seem like this is obvious but young children are naturally trusting and if someone that is friendly comes up to them, odds are they will not assume they are dangerous. So, make sure the kids understand that absolutely anyone that walks up to them could be a “bad guy” and that the kids should come straight back to their parent if they are ever approached.


Another thing parents should mention is playground etiquette. The kids need to understand that they have to share the playground with a lot of other children. Talk to them about waiting their turn, not being allowed to push or shove and to be friendly with the other kids around them. Make sure they also understand that if another child pushes them, they should come to their parent rather than pushing back.


The last thing to talk to the kids about with safety is staying where their parents can see them. If a parent has more than one child or if the playground is crowded that day, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of the kids the entire time. So, it is best that the kids also understand that they should not go anywhere that they cannot see Mommy or Daddy.


Child PlaygroundPlayground Attire


What a child wears at the playground can also create a safer environment. Obviously summer is hot, so shorts and t-shirts are usually the best choice. Try and steer clear of dresses or skirts, as those can often get caught and be a risk for injury. It is also best that kids wear closed-toe shoes. If they do wear sandals, make sure they secure in the back. Another must-have is a hook-and-loop toddler belt that will keep pants or shorts secure during active play.


Be Prepared


Kids are always going to get hurt every now and then, so it is best to be prepared for when it happens. Make sure to pack a first-aid kit with extra band-aids in a bag or purse when going to the park. Also, bring some wet wipes to use if a cut needs cleaned or if a child gets too dirty. Since it is summer, parents should also be prepared with a lot of water. Make sure the kids are stopping to get a drink often in order to guard against getting overheated. Other items to bring include, sunscreen, extra clothes, hats to block the sun and bug spray.


Kids love outdoor play and they love going to the park. It is important that they have that in their lives, but also that they know how to play while also staying safe.

When it is Potty Training Time

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

potty trainingPotty training has never been what a parent looks forward to the most. Some children catch on right away, making it a breeze for everyone involved. Others need a little more time. Their potty training tends to be filled with accidents, puddles on the floor and falling into toilets. In order for parents to make the process a little easier, they should make sure their kids are wearing the very best in potty training clothing.


Easy Access


When potty training a child, it is best that parents have their kids wear clothing that is easily taken off and opened up. This is especially important with bottoms. Rather than using pants with buttons and zippers, have the kids wear pants with Velcro or elastic bands. When wearing belts, choose ones that are easy to unbuckle, such as hook and loop toddler belts. Clothing should be easily accessible for emergencies and those quick trips to the bathroom.


Pull-Up Power


When a child is getting potty trained, they are on their way to becoming a “big boy/girl.” Because of this, they do not want to feel like they are being treated like a baby. So during the day put away the diapers and have them wear pull-ups. Pull-ups protect against any accidents while still making a child feel like they are growing up. They are also easy to put on and off, making quick trips to the bathroom easier to accomplish.


Loosey Goosey


Tight clothing has never been a very good friend to children learning how to use the potty. The tighter the clothing items, the harder they are to pull down. Have the kids wear looser pants and shirts that are easy to pull down and up when using the bathroom. Having looser clothing can also reduce the amount of accidents since the items will hang out of the way.


Replacement Extras


Having a replacement pair of clothing handy in the bathroom at all times creates a protective covering for kids who are learning. That way, they do not have to feel embarrassed when they have an accident and have to scream for Mom or Dad. Instead, they can put on a new pair of clothes on their own. This method also boosts a child's feeling of independence, which can only help their confidence when learning how to use the potty.


Potty Training PantsAccident Protection


Along with an extra pair of clothing in the bathroom, make sure that there are extra add-ons for accident protection. Having a smaller toddler toilet seat on top of the toilet makes it easier for little bottoms. Also, make sure there is a stool under the toilet so the kids can get up on their own. Another great option is have a rubber mat underneath the toilet for easy cleanup after accidents.


Potty training is not always easy, but with a few precautions and a little extra cushioning, potty training can be a breeze. So, help the kids feel good about growing up and help them learn on their own as much as possible.

Outsmart Those Stains

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Stained ClothingBeing a toddler is a messy job and cleaning up after them is even messier. Eventually, every parent has to face the simple fact that their children's clothing is going to get messy. But they do not have to accept a stain on every article of clothing. There are several ways to prevent stained clothing without having to put the kids in a plastic bubble.


Provide Play Clothes


It will not always prevent stain-filled accidents, but it is a good idea for parents to invest in good, durable play clothes. If the kids are going into a situation where stains are more likely, such as playing outside or doing arts and crafts, having play clothes set aside can make a huge difference. This reduces the risk of nicer clothing items getting stained or ruined. Good play clothing options are durable jeans, plain t-shirts, sneakers and a good toddler belt.


Break Out the Bleach


White clothing is a mom's number one enemy. Bleach can whiten those clothing items and, often, remove stains. Parents should keep a close eye on the kids when it comes to bleach. Several kids have no problems, but sometimes bleach can cause allergic reactions within children. If it seems like it is irritating their skin or causing any other problems, do not use it. Another option in place of bleach is Baby Oxyclean.


Spray Before Washing


If a stain has found its way onto some of the kids clothing, make sure to take care of it before putting it in the washing machine. Using a good stain remover can help a lot when it comes to those tough stains. Sometimes a trip through the washing machine just is not enough. Spray the stain down with baby-safe stain remover and scrub it with an old brush. Often, that will take care of most problems.


Stained children clothingDo Not Dry Until They are Gone


If a clothing item has a stain, putting it into the dryer is the best way to make sure it stays there forever. After taking the clothes out of the washing machine, look at the area that has the stain to make sure it came out in the washing machine. If it is still there, try another round of stain remover and a second trip through the wash rather than putting it through the dryer.


Cold Water is Best


Warm or hot water often assists a stain with getting settled. Cold water is the best option for removing stains, especially when it comes to blood. Set the washing machine to cold or for really tough stains try to wash the clothing by hand with stain remover, soap and ice water. Using cold water also prevents the risk of any clothes shrinking in the wash.


Taking a few precautions on a stained clothing item is often all it takes to make the stain go away. But remember, stains are not the end of the world. If they no not come out, just use the clothing for paint clothes or play clothes.

You Name It! Label Clothing

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

children labeling clothesEvery parent has a similar story, the kids go to a sleepover or off to camp and come back with missing clothes, or worse, with clothes that are not theirs. With all the fun and playing that children have to do, the last thing on their mind is keeping track of their clothes. In order to reduce the amount of calls parents have to make in search of their child's missing clothing, a great way to keep things organized is to label clothing.


Be Aware


Young children tend to not care so much if they have a giant sparkly letter on the front of their shirt indicating that it is theirs, but as children get older, it can be a little more embarrassing. If the kids have a hard time keeping track of their clothing, then labeling may be needed, but parents should be aware of the age of their child before choosing what kind of labeling they want to use.


Marker Labels


The most basic way to label clothing is to use a permanent marker and write a name or letter on the tags of various clothing items. This way, children can make sure they are packing their own clothes in their bag and not someone else's. The problem with marker labeling is, if another child has the same name, clothing can still be mixed up. Since there is only so much room to write on a tag, it can be hard to be more detailed. Also, there are clothing items that do not have tags and writing on tags often fades over time.


Visible Labels


If the kids are still at the age that having their name across their shirt is cool, parents can often use iron-on lettering in order to label clothing. labeling childrens clothesThis can work great on t-shirts, jeans, skirts and shorts. Iron-on lettering also comes in various shapes, which makes it easy to put them anywhere. If parents are handy with a sewing machine, they can also sew a label onto their children's clothes, rather than spending money on multiple iron-on letters. The problem with this kind of labeling is parents may not want to iron a letter onto some of their children's nicer clothing items.


Non-Damaging Labels


Parents often do not want to put a permanent, or possibly damaging, label on their children's clothing just in case they want to use them for future children or sell them in consignment shops. There are also accessories, such as hook and loop toddler belts, that do not work very well with markers or irons. Parents can often fix this problem with some colorful string or ribbon. If a child is leaving for a friend's house or going off to camp, parents can tie a colored piece of string or ribbon onto the belt loops of their children's pants or on a belt buckle. This method does not work as well with things such as t-shirts or underpants, but it does protect from permanent labeling.


Parents should not have to keep track of clothing for their kids

Do Not Forget to Accessorize!

Monday, October 27th, 2014

The very best windows into a child's creativity and imagination are within the small things. Glitter added to a picture, glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to the ceiling or stylish accessories added to an outfit. Accessories are a child's opportunity to put their own spin on their outfits and create their own personal style. Not only does it boost a child's creativity and independence, but it also creates self-assurance and confidence.


Go Crazy


Little girl Dressed at PrincessYoung toddlers are just beginning to open up their creative minds. The worst thing a parent can do is crush that creativity. The kids might look a little silly, but let them choose their own accessories, even if it means a daughter with 15 necklaces on. Eventually, they will establish a more toned-down style, but it will be one that they created from the craziness.


Teach Confidence


Parents should strive to teach their children about how to accessorize. Take them shopping for jewelry, baseball caps, bows, or toddler belts and let them stretch their imagination. Also, establish a confidence within the child by praising their choices and telling them how good they look. If they know that they can make their own decisions with their style, it will promote that personal confidence.


Broaden the Mind


Choosing accessories is the perfect opportunity for parents to broaden their children's imagination. Take them shopping and let them make their own choices about what kind of accessories they want, what style and what color. Teach them how to put things together and watch as the creativity unfolds. Another great way to feed a child's imagination is to put on a fashion show with all sorts of outfits and accessories.


Pretty Little Toddler Sitting in FlowersHead Accessories


Little girls will always have more choices for accessories than boys, but there are choices for everyone. For little girls, hair bows, clips, hats or flowers are all great choices. For little boys, baseball caps, bandanas or sweat bands are a great way to go.


Neck Accessories


Little girls love necklaces, there is no denying that. Plastic kids jewelry is great for girls and moms can also let them try on their jewelry for fun as well. Add some bracelets and clip on earrings and make a tea party for the girls to enjoy. Little boys will lean more towards ties, bow ties or maybe even a chain necklace with a little bling.


Waist Accessories


The best accessory to complete an outfit is a stylish hook and loop toddler belt. Let the kids decide what color or pattern they want to add to their outfit. Also, a hook and loop toddler belt will teach the children independence as they learn how to buckle their belt all on their own.


As toddlers grow older, their desire to be creative grows as well. Accessorizing an outfit is one way to feed a child's creative mind while also teaching important lessons. It is a win win for both parents as well as children and, at the end of the day, the kids will look great!