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Welcome to Baby Beltz.com

image-about As parents ourselves, a big challenge had always been fitting pants appropriately. Our toddlers’ pants would either be too big in the waist, but fit lengthwise or fit perfectly in the waist but not in the length. To avoid “high waters” we opted for the loose waist pants. But that led to another challenge, how to keep the pants from falling off!

Finding belts that fit little waists was very difficult and the few that we found in stores were difficult to use, uncomfortable, and had pointy prongs. Our solution was to design our own high-quality, stylish belts that would be functional, fashionable and easy to use. Thus, in a never ending effort to keep on the move toddlers comfortable, adorable, and their pants up, Baby Beltz was born!!! Our company was created in 2007, to address the multitude of tiny waists needing big fashion! As the years went on, based upon changing trends, customer feedback, and the popularity of our unique Velcro closure belts with secure nickel buckles, we decided that older children could benefit as well!! That’s when we decided to expand our offerings to include “Kids Beltz”, that would fit children sizes 6 through 12.

More and more schools nowadays are requiring “uniforms” and belts, even starting in Kindergarten! Kids Beltz are available in the same fabulous colors and styles parents, and children have grown to love with Baby Beltz!! They also utilize our unique Velcro closure with nickel buckle, or if preferred, a standard military slide closure.

Our expanded sizes and solid color options are a great solution to the school uniform belt requirement, as well as everyday wear. Our products are designed to grow with your child. From Pre-School to Middle School, Baby Beltz and Kids Beltz are a perfect fit!