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5 Ways to Raise a Well Rounded Child

5 Ways to Raise a Well Rounded Child
little-boy-doing-yoga-poses-at-sunset--1438824-2-mIt is important to maintain certain mind sets and actions every day in order to find ways to raise a well rounded child. Teach a child to think, feel and do by creating a variety of activities to promote confidence, independence, kindness and intelligence.

Develop Thinking Skills

A child should never just be left alone with a pile of toys for the entire day. Make sure to establish thinking skills inside a child’s mind at an early age. Help them be creative by doing arts and crafts, creating a puppet show or using building materials. Also, be sure to create problem solving activities. Take a muffin tin with 6 slots and give the child 7 balls, then see what they do with the seventh ball. It is important that they begin to learn how to be creative and also solve problems on their own.

Create Independent Actions

When a toddler reaches a certain age it is time for them to start learning how to do some things independently. Teaching them to get dressed on their own is a great way to create independent actions. Help them learn how to pull on a shirt and pants on their own. A hook-and-loop toddler belt is a great way to teach them how to easily secure their pants on their own and also help with problem solving skills.

Boost Confidence

When a child accomplishes something, or learns a new skill, reward them for that. Praise their accomplishments and show them how important it is that they are learning and doing things on their own. Children yearn for praise from their parents and if it is received it will encourage them to continue in the future.

Be Active

Even when kids are young, it is crucial to teach them the importance of active play. It is important to not only take them to playgrounds or on walks, but to also teach them active skills. Show them how to throw and catch a ball or paddle in a swimming pool. If a child receives instruction and is taught to be involved in active play on a daily basis, that will follow them throughout their life.

little-boy-doing-yoga-poses-at-sunset--1438823-1-mTeach Compassion

A child should always know the importance of being kind, compassionate and sincere. Always communicate the importance of treating other people with kindness and respect. A great way to start a child on learning how to be kind is to bring home a small pet or take them somewhere to be involved with smaller animals. Bringing home a kitten or frog, or taking them to see baby chicks, are great ways to teach them kindness by learning to be gentle. Show them how to hold and pet an animal that is very fragile without hurting or frightening them.

To find ways to raise a well rounded child, parents should be able to think intelligently, live in action and feel compassion. Create daily activities that teach these character traits. If they learn them now they will achieve them throughout their life, it will make a difference.

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