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10 Fun and Simple Summer Crafts for Kids

10 Fun and Simple Summer Crafts for Kids

??????????????????Summer is the ideal time to make a mess and toddlers will love creating arts and crafts where they get to be as messy as they want. Arts and crafts do not have to be complicated. Here are some simple summer crafts for kids that parents do not have to stress over.


Print Painting


Let the kids step onto paper plates with different colors of paint to create footprints across a long piece of paper. After the footprints have been placed, let them add hand prints. Another option is to cut small sponges or potatoes in a variety of shapes to make stamps.


Handprint Clay


Help the kids make a special handprint mold. Let the kids press their hand inside salt and flour dough then add colorful stones or beads. Once the mold is baked, help the kids paint their mold however they want.


Confetti Macaroni


Lay down large pieces of paper and let the kids spread out washable glue. Have them take various macaroni pieces and place them wherever they want and let them throw glitter, ribbons or confetti pieces up in the sky over their paper so their macaroni art gets lots of bling.


Green Goop


Show the kids how to make green goop by combining baking soda, cornstarch, water and green food coloring. Once they have mixed it all together, take it outside for some slimy play time.


Bubble Art


To create bubble art, hang up big sheets of paper, add food coloring into the bubbles and show the kids how to blow towards the paper. Once the bubbles pop onto the paper, round designs will appear. Purchase different size bubble wands to give variety.


Sidewalk Chalk


Let the kids go crazy drawing in the driveway. Moms and Dads can draw out some games such as hopscotch, ring toss or five square. Another fun activity is to have the kids lie down and trace the outline of their body on the sidewalk in their favorite color.


Feed the Birds


Create bird feeders by letting the kids roll large pinecones in peanut butter and then covering them with birdseed. Help them tie a string on top, hang their bird feeder in a nearby tree and watch the birds.


Homemade Play-Dough


Help the kids make homemade play-dough in the kitchen. Once it is done, take it out to play with at a picnic table. Let the kids bring out plastic knives, Tupperware or rolling pins to use with their new play-dough.


Water Fun


Have the kids make paper boats to race across a large bowl of water or bring out small bowls of water and let the kids use food coloring to create different colors and mix up magic potions.


Child painting at easel.Proper Equipment


Remember to dress the kids in the right attire. Use old clothes that will not be missed if they get covered with paint, use a good toddler belt to keep paints in place and remember to keep soap and water close by to rinse off hands, feet and everything else after a messy activity.

Arts and crafts are a great way to start teaching toddlers how to use creativity as well as giving them a fun experience. Enjoy the summer with the kids and create memories as well as new art for the walls.

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